An Author’s Pen: The Use of Than

tall&shortbrLast week we looked at the use of “then” vs “than.” Today, we’re focusing on the use of “than.” Specifically, we’ll look at the correct pronoun to use after “than.” First off, I will not even consider the assertion by some that “than” can be used as a preposition. “Than” is a conjunction (specifically a subordinating conjunction, but we won’t go there.) that is used for comparison. He, she, it, they, we, and I are all subject pronouns used with “than.”

For example, check out these comparisons:

Jane is taller than I.
Jane is taller than he.

To illustrate the correct pronoun usage, complete the comparison.

Jane is taller than I am tall.
Jane is taller than he is tall.

Nobody would consider saying:

Jane is taller than me is tall. OR
Jane is taller than him is tall.

In conclusion, when making a comparison using the conjunction “than,” only subject pronouns (he, she, it, they, we, and I) can follow. When in doubt, fill it out by completing the comparison with the verb and object.

Next week, Affect and Effect. Rita Bay

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