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                                                                                         April, 2012                  May, 2012                March, 2014

                                                                                         BookStrand Historical Romances             Siren Erotic Historical Romance

The Montclair Chronicles tell the story of  the Montclair family who accompanied William the Conqueror to England and received Saxon titles and lands for their loyalty. Over the centuries, the Earls of Ashford increased their properties and wealth. While some knew passion and romance, others craved only power and wealth – and they weren’t particular about how they achieved their goals or whom they destroyed.


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                                                                                        August, 2012           September, 2013 from Champagne Book Group

The Lyons clan, a race of feline shapeshifters, was devastated by the disappearance of prominent members of the clan, including the future lifemates of the clan’s chieftain and its physician. After mourning the dead, their lives move on for the welfare of the clan, but people can be deceived and things are not always as they appear. Then there’s Lady Bat, the clan’s matriarch, who has her own agenda and knows far more than she’s willing to tell.


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                                                                            Sizzling M/F Contemporary Military

                                                                            October, 2016 from Champagne Book Group, Carnal Passions

When wealthy coed Lexie Carter, who was raised by gay Green Beret partners Ely and Todd, meets Army Ranger Captain Taylor Jackson, she knows he’s The One. Taylor, not only holds his own with her guardians, but introduces her to love and passion. When Taylor is reported Killed in Action only months before their wedding day, Lexie must face life without the love of her life. When Taylor returns to discover that Lexie has graduated from college and disappeared, he begins a desperate search for his fiancée. Eli and Todd must examine their own relationship based on Taylor’s example.


GenlabCupidSeriesP             CLICK TO READ BLURB/EXCERPT          ConqueringCupid88x132J          ComingAllTiedUPJ88x132          ComingAnArrowGoneAstrayJ85x132    EROTIC TALES – ADULTS ONLY

                                                                    Aphrodite’s Island Series #3     October, 2014

Cupid had given up on love, even retired his bow and arrows – until he met the love of his very long life in New York City. In Her Teddy Bare (Aphrodite’s Island Series #3) Teddy Bareston III pursues his lady love on a tropical island whatever the cost – even if he must play the submissive. In Conquering Cupid, Cupid – with help from some friends – takes up his bow and arrows in earnest to bring lonely hearts together.  Unfortunately, between his own interfering relatives and “victims” who resist his arrows’ effects, Cupid’s job is not as easy as it used to be. The “Cupid’s Back in Business” series will chronicle the humorous erotic tales of Cupid’s efforts to bring lovers together in the modern world.



                                                                                     April, 2013  from Champagne Book Group

The Light Warriors are offshoots of the human race who have waged war for centuries with their Dark brothers, the evil vampires who prey on humans for power and sustenance. Fortunately for humanity, the Light Warriors with their paired lifemates serving as their Shield Bearers vanquished most of the Dark. Facing annihilation, the remaining Dark Warriors who have lost their ability to bear children launch an assault on the Shield Bearers and Wielders of the Gramail Aegis before they come into their powers. If the young girls who are destined to be Shield Bearers and Wielders of the Gramail Aegis, fall into the hands of the Dark Warriors the tide of battle will turn and humanity’s survival will be placed at risk. Sometimes even the best efforts to protect the children fail, sometimes children are lost to the Light.



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                                                                                  November, 2015      Regency Christmas Story   Champagne Book Group


                                                                                       CLICK COVER TO READ BLURB/EXCERPT        ADULTS ONLY   Contemporary Erotic Romance

                                                                                      September, 2014  from Liquid Silver Books

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                                                                                      September, 2013  “Nimue’s Daughter,” a Contemporary Arthurian Fantasy Anthology, Champagne


Ely’s Epiphany, a contemporary military M/M erotic romance

Alpha’s Prey, the final shapeshifter story in The Lyons’ Tales Series