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A Visit to Savvy Saturday

0f28a-image001My new release, Ely’s Epiphany, is featured today on Champagne’s Savvy Saturday. It’s my hottest story ever, a contemporary military M/M story with a Christmas theme.

Ely and Todd are ex-Green Berets who raised heiress Lexie Carter who is now a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps and married to Army Ranger Taylor Jackson.  Since Taylor is often away from home, Ely and Todd are permanent residents in the Jackson mansion. All is not well, however, as Christmas approaches and Lexie is determined to stick her nose in her guardians’ business. Read the post HERE or click cover to buy.

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Release Day for Ely’s Epiphany

Ely’s Epiphany (Lexie’s Guys, 2), an Erotic Contemporary Romance/M-M, is out today!  My first M/M and probably my HOTTEST book ever! Loved the two gay ex-military who raised Lexie (Search & Rescue,  Lexie’s Guys, 1), so gave them their own story. Will they have a HEA or totally screw things up? Check out the blurb:

For Todd Anderson, a West Point graduate from a wealthy family, it was love at first sight. Living with Ely wasn’t easy, but it was the only life for him. When Ely plays too nice, Todd fears his partner—his first and only lover who introduced him to the gay lifestyle and sizzling hot sex—is preparing him for a Christmas breakup. Will this Christmas be their last together?
Ex-Green Beret Ely Locklear survived a childhood filled with poverty and abuse by building a wall around his heart. Although the millionaire mercenary and entrepreneur has a family and partner who love him, the wall and rough edges remain. When his ward’s new Army Ranger husband shows him that loving someone isn’t a weakness, he wonders if it’s too late for a fresh start with his partner.
Champagne Books:

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The Muse’s Revenge

The Muse’s Revenge is a free serial story on Savvy Saturday for October.  Contributing authors were Marlene Garand, Jenna Greene, and Rita Bay. The story was complied and edited by Kylee Howells. There is an introduction, but all of the stories are free standing. Click the icons below to read.  Enjoy!!  Rita



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Release Day for Search And Rescue

searchandrescue150x225Today is RELEASE DAY for Search And Rescue, a sizzling hot contemporary military romance from Champagne Books’ Carnal Passions line. Check out the blurb.

   A search doesn’t always end with a rescue. One look at Captain Taylor Jackson at a Career Day at Spring Hill College and wealthy coed Lexie Carter knew he was The One.  In six months they’re engaged and the wedding set for after graduation. When Taylor is reported killed in action in Afghanistan two months before their wedding, Lexie is devastated, her hopes for a family of her own crushed.  Can she survive a future without Taylor or will she succumb to her grief?

   Army Ranger Taylor Jackson fell in love at first sight with young Lexie Carter. While on a mission in Afghanistan, he is captured by insurgents after taking his brother’s place on patrol. When Taylor escapes and returns home on what should have been their wedding day, Lexie has disappeared under ominous circumstances. Can he find her in time to rescue her from her fate?

Buy Links:  Champagne Amazon AllRomance Ebooks  *  BookStrand  *  Kobo  *  Barnes and Noble  * I-tunes

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Baring My Soul

This Savvy Saturday I bared my soul about writing for Champagne Book Group. While I have been blessed with great publishers, Champagne was my first home. I share a sneak peek about submitting and publishing for readers and prospective authors.   Check it out here:  Savvy Saturday: Rita Bay on Her Experience with Champagne Book Group   Later this week, I’ll have the cover reveal for my latest book with Champagne, Search & Rescue – a sizzling military romance with a twist.  Rita

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Greetings from Ren-Cot

    I’m back and writing!! During a year-long hiatus, I moved to the magnificent mountains of North Georgia and restored the parts of my home in desperate need of restoration and repair. Gone are the moss-encrusted cedar shake shingles which littered the ground – replaced with composition roofing that is more tolerant of moisture. Thank God, the previous owners had installed the shakes on top of a traditional roof (against code) – otherwise I would have been doing some serious interior repairs. After exterior painting and a few fixes inside, I moved in exactly a year ago. It was a difficult move because of the life-long and generational accumulation of stuff – including over 1000 books – that I wasn’t ready to part with. I plan to leave here on a stretcher or in a hearse and leave the hard work to my daughter.

HouseFrontSM   Homes in the community are often named, sometimes for the views or location. Other names are more personal. Mine, which looks like it’s growing out of the ground, is of that sort. Ren-Cot is short for Renaissance Cottage, which wouldn’t fit on the sign. Renaissance refers to rebirth and Ren-Cot is my place for renewal and rebirth. My writing area is in the glass-walled loft that looks onto forest filled with deer, bears, wild cats, squirrels, and chipmunks. I’ve joined a few groups and volunteer with the community’s animal shelter, but stories and characters have been roiling in my mind demanding to be written. Next post, I’ll share my book news.

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Farewell to a Great E-Pub

As a romance author who writes in several genre, I wanted to keep my romance books separated by sub-genre. Secret Cravings published my contemporary hot military books and Sweet Cravings published a sweet Christmas story (with a touch of spice) last year. Unfortunately, the publisher closed last week. My books published there are no longer available. After they are taken down and the rights revert to me, I will speak with my other publishers about releasing them there. SCP was great to work with and I wish things had gone better for them. Their business model was great, their contract fair, and they paid on time. It’s difficult, however, for publishers to be successful when readers download pirated books for free, authors believe that giving away books is a great marketing tool (I disagree), and self-publishing has become so easy. The publisher/owner was a pleasure to work with and I wish her and the other authors only the best.

Since I will need a new publisher(s) and covers, I plan to take advantage of rewriting and editing all the books. More later.

Monday: I edited the above and am adding a bit. I published my unfinished post yesterday because The Last Ship finale was about to start. Sic semper tyrannis – Thus always to tyrants. It’s from Julius Caesar and the words John Wilkes Booth shouted when he shot President Lincoln. What a cliffhanger!!

Anyway, every author wishes they could have written a story a bit differently or, in my case,  added a scene or two. I plan to do that before I send the books out to publisher(s). More later,on how it goes.


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Flag Day & a Birthday

FlagOn June 14th we celebrate Flag Day in the United states. On  this day in 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental the flag of the United States was adopted. Also, the United States Army celebrates the Army Birthday on this date. Congress adopted “the American continental army” after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day. In August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress. God bless America our military!!

Returning soon, Rita Bay

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Supporting the War Effort – Defense Stamp Albums

Supporting the war effort was a national responsibility. War bonds were sold in several denominations. For those who couldn’t afford them, the Defense Stamp Album of 25 cent stamps were issued. The owner could place 25 cents stamps in the book until it was filled. Then, it was treated as a regular bond with a maturity date. They were sometimes given as gifts.

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Thursday Redux with Melissa Keir

My Thursday Redux guest today is Melissa Keir who is published with Secret Cravings Publishing, as well as being self-published. Melissa writes contemporary, small town romances. Her Melissa’s Wilders Sisters series takes place in her hometown of Amherst, Ohio and features five girls who left Amherst only to return to care for their ailing father. Her other stories feature small towns, blended families, and happily ever afters. From September through June, Melissa teaches children and shares her passion for writing and math with them. You can also hear Melissa’s Morning After Movie Reviews on a local Michigan radio station each Monday morning. I loved her Redux post, having enjoyed a similar relationship with my grandmother. Check out Melissa’s Redux post and her contribution to the Wilders Sisters series.

This post I originally wrote in 2009 after cooking my grandmother’s favorite recipe. My mother has been gone for over fifteen years yet she still remains in my memory. I remember the day I was cooking, wanting to call her to ask her a question. Her death hit me hard again. My grandmother, her mother, had been my best friend when I was a teenager. I rode my bike to her house when mom and I butted heads. Yet she also died shortly after my high school graduation, never knowing my children…never having that close relationship with them that I had with her. Needing to get my feelings down, I wrote this post and shared it with my family and friends on my blog. Now each time I make this recipe or the other family recipes I feel like they are there with me.


Food Has a Memory

 Food has a memory, for good and for bad. We can remember certain foods that were important to us as children or food that made us sick. One time when I was ten years old, my father thought I should try some shrimp. He didn’t believe me when I said that I didn’t like it, but forced me to try it and watched me run to the bathroom like a mouse with a cat on my tail, to get sick. That memory stays with me today and shrimp will never cross my lips.

There are foods that are a part of tradition. My family makes a sauerkraut soup for our Christmas Eve celebration. It takes two to three days to make this recipe with the smell of sauerkraut wafting through the house. We are also known for our dilly bean recipe which is nothing more than pickled green beans. This too was a production of momentous proportion each summer after the green beans came in!

Today for some odd reason, I decided to make German Kuchen. This was a recipe which came from my mom’s side of the family. I remember vividly her, my aunt and grandmother making dozens of these delicious coffee cakes in my grandmother’s small kitchen. It was given to my mom from her grandmother who came over from Switzerland to live among the shores of Lake Erie. Pulling out the recipe, I noticed my scribbles on the old recipe card that my mom gave me. I was trying to decipher the magic code for a recipe that my mom knew by heart.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients, with recipe in hand, I was ready to begin. Like any good recipe, there are tweaks that have been done to it over the years. My mom used to use cake yeast, but I use bread yeast dissolved in warm milk. The recipe calls for one or two eggs. How do I know which is the correct amount? Do I split it and put in one and half? Mixing the sugar, butter and eggs into a nice blend was easy. But then I got to the next stage, where it became truly challenging for me. I wasn’t sure what my mom meant by a stiff batter. Was that like pizza dough or more like cake batter? All I wanted to do was pick up the phone and call my mom or grandmother to ask them! They would know the secret to the scribbles on the recipe card so that I could become a part of the generations of Jones women who made this delicious dessert.

At this point, I feel the weight of generations on my shoulders. Will I be good enough? Can I carry on the traditions of my family for the next generation? Will my children have the fond memories of cooking with me to look back on when they have children of their own? I took a chance with the batter and went for something in between pizza dough and cake batter. Then I had to let it rise, and rise again. All the while, I am trying to channel my family members who can help me with this problem. I can’t call my mom and just ask her because she died over 15 years ago.

Parents are not supposed to die. They are the superheroes of every child. The “person” who can do no wrong and make all hurts go away with just one kiss. No one ever imagines a day when they will be without a parent-your father who will help you with your car, or a mother who knows just what to add to her secret recipe, yet we do have to go on without them here beside us. I thought I had accepted this fact until I tried to make her family recipe. Then I was back to being a kid wanting her mother to help her make things all better.

Food can make you closer to your family as you enjoy a treat and think back to yesteryear, remembering the laughter and deliciousness of the meal prepared with your family. Today I wanted that closeness, that bond with my mom. Making the Kuchen was hard for me because I wanted to make her proud and do it just like she always did. As I pulled the pans out of the oven, my son asked about them and after the explanation of what they were, he remarked that they smelled good. Tears formed in my eyes. Yes, maybe they will remember these days when they are older with children of their own. Maybe the memory of the Kuchen and my mom and grandmother will live on!

DividerBar428x25 Cowboy Up Book Bundle- The Heartsong Cowboy

Contemporary Western Self published, Sept 2014

About the series:  D’Ann Lindun contacted me and five other authors with the idea of writing a cowboy story for a book bundle. Each author took the idea in their own way and wrote captivating stories which showcase the uniqueness of cowboys. My story- The Heartsong Cowboy- is inspired by a real life event.

CowboyUpGroupBundleSeven men as tough as the west…Seven women who know how to…

Cowboy Up

A boxed set of seven romantic novellas by seven award-winning authors experienced with writing about the men of the West.

The Heartsong Cowboy blurb:

Can two people, one horse and the power of love cure a little girl?

Angela French blames herself for her daughter’s lack of voice. Determined to do anything to correct the situation, she seeks out Jake Kyncade, the owner of The Heartsong Ranch.

Jake Kyncade hides his own sorrows behind his no-nonsense demeanor. Helping children becomes one way to correct his past. Using equine therapy, he sets out to make a difference.

Can Jake help Angela’s dreams come true or will Jake’s past bring more heartache? Will love save them all?

Buy the Series: AMAZON

Melissa’s Buy Link:  AMAZON



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