Coming in 2015

Cupid’s Back in Business #2 

“When all else fails…run.” After  a wild wedding reception where the ouzo flowed like water, Laine Slater awakens, chained naked to a bed with a ring on her finger. She has everything – the perfect job, the perfect condo on the East Side with a view of Central Park, more friends than she can count, and the income to support her lifestyle. The last thing she needs is a man to screw things up. Not to say that she doesn’t like men. She enjoys the occasional no-string-attached-then-send-him-on-his-way fling. After her long weekend with Victor, can she escape captivity to return to her perfect life?

Victor Sideros vows to murder his son as soon as he rids himself of the aggravating human chained to his bed. How dare Coop use his arrows to bind Laine and himself together? The adorable, feisty female had no place in his life. He was a loner with no time to tend a wife who didn’t understand a woman’s place. He’d even had to rescue her from falling off the terrace into the sea below when she tried to escape the island. After their incredible two-week-long orgy, can his life return to normal after she leaves?

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