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Primavera: Zephyr & Chloris

KidnapimagesCA42KGLFThe two figures on the right are Chloris and Zephyr. Chloris is often associated with Flora whom we met yesterday. In Greek mythology, however, she was a wood nymph who was pursued by Zephyr, the West Wind. When he caught her, they were married and she became immortal. She was associated with spring. She was believed to have transformed several humans into flowers – Adonis, Hyacinthus, and Narcissus – for various reasons.

Check out Zephyr on the far right. His cheeks are puffed, his expression intent, and his unnatural complexion separates him from the rest of the figures. The trees around him blow in the direction of his entry with the skirt of Chloris whom he is grabbing.
Tomorrow, Aphrodite and Cupid.

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