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Hellhounds Abound

RomanCerberussmA hellhound is a supernatural dog. The most famous hellhound was Cerberus who in Greek mythology guarded the gates of the Underworld (see pic of Roman statue of Cerberus). Cerberus is depicted with three heads. The legends of the hellhound are found in many countries of the world. They were first mentioned in Britain in the twelfth century. In western Europe, hellhounds are often associated with The Wild Hunt in which deceased heroes on horses accompanied by hellhounds pursue criminals and  lost souls across the land. They are often described as having black fur, glowing red or yellow eyes and super strength. They may also be associated with death, graveyards, and fire.

Bruiser sm Hellhound3Our own personal hellhound is pictured also. Four years ago Bruiser, a Boxer mix,  was a rescue with three previous owners. He had to be treated for severe heartworms and last year had two knee surgeries. He’s part of the family now, an outstanding guard dog and companion for our daughter. He, however, believes he is a 70 pound lapdog. The animal rescue people told us he would do anything for a treat. Guess they were right. Didn’t say he liked it, but the treat was worth it.

Tomorrow, Graeme Brown’s Tale of the Paranormal


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