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A Favorite New Read: Haven by Celia Breslin

Haven by Celia Breslin is today’s featured review. Haven, Breslin’s debut novel, sits at the top of Champagne Books’ Bestseller List. A few pages in and it’s easy to see why. Check out the short excerpt that showcases Breslin’s storytelling/writing skill as Carina looks back on the morning and afternoon of her birthday.

“So, on my twenty-fifth birthday, a day meant for celebration, I found myself with family secrets to unravel, mysterious strangers to meet, and unknown dangers to avoid. Unease slithered up my spine and my head throbbed yet again. I was a pawn in a game I hadn’t even known I played. I didn’t like it one bit.”

Haven_200x300Carina Tranquilli is a wealthy nightclub owner in San Francisco who endures a 25th birthday from hell. Her life is a twenty-something’s dream with parties at her own nightclub, friends and family who love her, and a to-die-for wardrobe. Until the morning of her 25th birthday when the witch attacked her, only the death of her parents and a twelve-year-long memory gap troubled her otherwise perfect life.

When vampires arrive claiming to be kin, she’s forced to delve deep into painful memories that she’d rather leave undisturbed. If your relatives are vampires, what does that make you—especially if you’re acquiring a taste for blood? She discovers that these same vampires have been hosting a private night at her nightclub where the only humans invited are those on the menu—willing feasts for vampires she didn’t even know existed.

When she meets Alexander, a gorgeous vampire as drawn to her as she is to him, the action moves from steamy to sizzling—even if it is forbidden by her newfound relatives. The same relatives demand the right to control her life to protect her from unidentified threats until she can protect herself with her vast powers. Those powers, whatever they are, fail to protect her and her friends when the really bad guys, also with fangs, show up.

Haven, the first installment in The Tranquili Bloodline series, is one of the best new stories I’ve read in a long time. The rich plot and compelling characters provide the set up for a long series run. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Click HERE or the cover to buy/read excerpt of Haven.




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Vampires are NOT Good

Nosferatu1922Until the advent of a couple of vampire films twenty or so years ago, everyone knew that vampires are evil. But a few gorgeous vampires later, we’re supposed to be convinced that vampires are actually misunderstood because they live alternate lifestyles for many years and drink blood. My God, they drink blood!! They suck people’s blood away and those folks die or become vampires. The early moviemakers knew just how evil vampires were and portrayed them accordingly. Check out the pic from the movie Nosferatu from 1922. This creature is what I had in mind when I described the vampire who was the enemy of the Light Warriors. In The Aegis, Melinda opened the door to him but didn’t invite him inside. I wouldn’t invite him in either, if this creature knocked at my door: “In the glow of the streetlights, Fields looked ghastly. His face was a pasty grey-white. His blue eyes were glazed over like a dead fish. Mucous drained in tracks from the corners of his eyes down his cheeks. His thinning black hair straggled in greasy clumps around the leather tie that had bound it. Either his outdated black suit or Fields himself smelled like roadkill.”

The Aegis is available from Champagne Books HERE.     Tomorrow, Author Samantha Combs visits An Author’s Desk.


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