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The Tides Letter of Princess Elizabeth

imagesCAY67U87Since her mother had been imprisoned and executed there, Princess Elizabeth was terrified of entering The Tower.  Her cousin, Lady Jane Grey, and Lady Jane’s husband, Guilford Dudley, lost their heads there after her rule of nine days. The Duke of Somerset condemned his own brother to death, a man who was the third husband of the widow of Henry VIII and rumored to have been too friendly with Elizabeth. Her letter, written on March 17, 1554–the day before she was taken be boat to the TOwer through the Traitor’s Gate (See Pic), reflects her fear. Queen Mary’s response? She refused to read it.  Here are excerpts of The Tides Letter:

“If any ever did try this old saying, ‘that a king’s word was more than another man’s oath’, I most humbly beseech your majesty to verify it to me, and to remember your last promise and my last demand, that I be not condemned without answer and due proof, which it seems that I now am; for without cause proved, I am by your Council from you commanded to go to the Tower, a place more wanted for a false traitor than a true subject, which though I know I desire it not, yet in the face of all this realm it appears proved.

Let conscience move your highness to pardon this my boldness, which innocency procures me to do, together with hope of your natural kindness, which I trust will not see me cast away without desert, which what it is I would desire no more of God but that you truly knew. Which thing I think and believe you shall never by report know, unless by yourself you hear. I have heard in my time of many cast away for want of coming to the presence of their prince; and in late days I heard my Lord of Somerset say that if his brother had been suffered to speak with him he had never suffered; but persuasions were made to him so great that he was brought in belief that he could not live safely if the Admiral lived, and that made him give consent to his death. Though these persons are not to be compared to your majesty, yet I pray God the like evil persuasions persuade not one sister against the other, and all for that they have heard false report, and the truth not known.

Therefore, once again, kneeling with humbleness of heart, because I am not suffered to blow the knees of my body, I humbly crave to speak with your highness, which I would not be so bold as to desire if I knew not myself most clear, as I know myself most true. And as for the traitor Wyatt, he might peradventure write me a letter, but on my faith I never received any from him. And as for the copy of the letter sent to the French king, I pray God confound me eternally if ever I sent him word, message, token, or letter, by any means, and to this truth I will stand in till my death.

Your highness’s most faithful
subject, that hath been from the beginning, and will be to my
end, Elizabeth I humbly crave but only one word of answer from yourself.”

Tomorrow, The Tower Of London prison. Rita Bay

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