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SEARCH & RESCUE – My Hometown Romance – The Marriott Grand Hotel

Grand HotelIn Search & Rescue, my contemporary military romance, Spring Hill College student, Lexie Carter, meets Army Ranger Captain Taylor Jackson at a Career Day at the college. Two years and a steamy courtship later, Taylor is reported killed in action and Lexie must face a future without the love of her life. Lexie bids farewell to Mobile and travels across the Bay to The Grand Hotel where they planned to spend their honeymoon to kiss her old life goodbye.

Inside hotelThe Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa is located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in Point Clear. The award-winning resort with its hotel, golf courses, and resort with all the luxurious amenities imaginable defines casual elegance. The original hotel which could only be reached by boat was built in 1847 by F.W. Chamberlain. The 150 Confederate graves located on the golf course serve as a reminder that the Hotel served as a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The hotel passed through a succession of owners and suffered extensive damage during the hurricanes of 1906, 1916, and 1978, but each time emerged better than ever.

Grand_Hotel_Marriott_Dining_LeftThe Grand Hotel is part of the Marriott family. While maintaining its unique character, the hotel has expanded adding a classic spa, several bars, and restaurants. Dress is casual throughout. The Sunday Brunch is a personal favorite that provides classic southern coastal cuisine with an unbeatable view. On another personal note, the Grand gumbo is well-named. Check out the The Grand Hotel for yourself HERE.

Tomorrow, More of My Mobile.  Rita Bay

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