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Vampires are NOT Good

Nosferatu1922Until the advent of a couple of vampire films twenty or so years ago, everyone knew that vampires are evil. But a few gorgeous vampires later, we’re supposed to be convinced that vampires are actually misunderstood because they live alternate lifestyles for many years and drink blood. My God, they drink blood!! They suck people’s blood away and those folks die or become vampires. The early moviemakers knew just how evil vampires were and portrayed them accordingly. Check out the pic from the movie Nosferatu from 1922. This creature is what I had in mind when I described the vampire who was the enemy of the Light Warriors. In The Aegis, Melinda opened the door to him but didn’t invite him inside. I wouldn’t invite him in either, if this creature knocked at my door: “In the glow of the streetlights, Fields looked ghastly. His face was a pasty grey-white. His blue eyes were glazed over like a dead fish. Mucous drained in tracks from the corners of his eyes down his cheeks. His thinning black hair straggled in greasy clumps around the leather tie that had bound it. Either his outdated black suit or Fields himself smelled like roadkill.”

The Aegis is available from Champagne Books HERE.     Tomorrow, Author Samantha Combs visits An Author’s Desk.


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The Aegis: Melinda & Damian

Will Melinda and Damian find happiness as they unite to fight the Dark Ones or fall victims to the Dark forces ranged against them?

Damian opened the door and called, “May I come in?”

“Please hurry.”

He quickly navigated the conglomeration of treasures and trash in Melinda’s shop, anxious for a first glimpse of his lifemate. He spotted her in the storeroom at the back of the shop surrounded by stacks of books. He stopped dead and stared. In all his years, he’d never seen such a sight.

His lifemate was sprawled upside down in a massive barrel, her bare legs waving in the air. He stepped closer. A brown silk skirt covered her face. Below her waist, she wore a black V-string, a mere wisp of shiny satin that revealed far more than it covered. He admired her long, shapely legs and firm bottom, then shifted a little for a better view. He grinned–his lifemate was a natural redhead. “You seem to be in a bit of trouble.”

“Don’t just stand there. Get me out of here.”

He stole a final peek, reached in the barrel, and grasped her around the waist. Heat sizzled between them as he lifted her out of the barrel and set her on her feet with her back to him. Her auburn hair fell almost to her waist in a tumbled mass of crinkled waves. Like most of the Light, she was a pale beauty of Celtic descent.

She turned toward him, her fair face flushed, her leaf green eyes burning with anger. Her sleeveless, scoop-necked black silk shell caressed her generous breasts, except where she cradled the book with the Aegis medallion. The skirt clung to the curves that he already knew well.

She cleared her throat to interrupt his perusal and gestured toward the front of the shop. “Thank you for your assistance. The shop is closed for the day. I’ll see you out.”

To buy The Aegis for $1.95 at Champagne Books, click HERE.

Tomorrow, A weekend pic.


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The Aegis: Meet Damian Sinclair

Light Warrior Damian Sinclair who has battled the Dark Ones for centuries answers Melinda’s call—the Call of a lifemate. While protecting her from the Dark Ones who pursue her relentlessly, he introduces her to passion, love, and her heritage as a Shield Bearer of the Light.

AegissmDamian Sinclair savored the last of his rare filet of bison at the $10,000-a-plate benefit for the victims of the world’s latest natural disaster. He enjoyed dining in the Pool Room at the Four Seasons Restaurant when he was in Manhattan. The marble elegance and outstanding service reminded him of his past when waiters catered to their guests.

Accepting the invitation to the event, though, had been a mistake. He’d already dodged several men who wanted to talk business and a half-dozen women who’d made more personal propositions. He grimaced at the inane chatter of the nearby guests. Perhaps he’d finish the main course, make his apologies, write a substantial check and…The Call sounded.

Struggling to maintain his composure, he tossed his napkin aside and rushed to the men’s room. It was no surprise when the shift that would transport him to his lifemate came. He’d known what to expect for centuries.

In an instant, he stood outside an antique shop on a brick-paved street where the wrought iron-trimmed porches overhung the sidewalks–probably New   Orleans. The gold lettering on the glass of the door read Antiques & Curiosities, LLC, Melinda Kildare, Proprietress. Wherever he was, he was not alone. He could sense his lifemate and she was in distress. He reached out to her and saw only darkness. He knocked and waited for the invitation he needed to enter. He extended his senses into the shop and then heard her, barely a whisper.

“Help me. Please, help.”

Click cover to buy for $1.95 at Champagne.

Tomorrow, The First Meeting,  Rita Bay

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The Aegis: Meet Melinda Kildare

JunkThe Aegis, a Light Warriors vs vampires sizzling paranormal romance, is now available from Champagne Books and most outlets. Click the cover or HERE to read excerpt or buy for $1.95. Today, meet Melinda Kildare, the heroine of The Aegis. Melinda Kildare, antiquarian and rare book dealer extraordinaire, returns to her shop after an estate sale with a massive, sealed barrel. Too late, she discovers that the Aegis medallion that traps her head-first in the bottom of the barrel is the bait used by a family of vampires to capture and enslave women of power. Here’s an excerpt:

the aegis ecoverMelinda Kildare kicked back in her favorite bergère chair, sipped her Chablis, and eyed the chest-high barrel at the back of her shop. The eccentric heir at the estate sale this morning had encouraged her to bid on the lot. Several hours of exhausting work had yielded no treasures, but she would finish the job before retiring to her apartment upstairs. Alone, as usual.snorted.

She snorted. A girl doesn’t find her knight in shining armor crawling among stacks of musty boxes at yard sales or delving in dusty barrels in crumbling mansions, and men don’t fall for an over-educated antiquarian who backs out on dates to build her business. She sighed, gulped down the last of the wine, rubbed her arm, and forced herself back to work.

Near the bottom of the barrel, she spotted a leather-bound book embossed with an intriguing medallion. The familiar rush at the prospect of a new find overwhelmed her usual caution. She stood tip-toe on the stepladder and reached to retrieve the book. Her fingertips brushed the medallion, a light flashed bright red, and a jolt blasted up her arm. Startled, she tumbled face-first into the barrel.

More about Melinda and her predicament tomorrow.

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Happy Easter Vintage Card!


Check out this risque Easter card postmarked 1908. Another century-old card from my ancestors’ stash. Although the ancients associated eggs with spring and rebirth, I don’t think this was quite the “chick” they had in mind. For a traditional vintage Easter card, click HERE to visit a new group blog, Worlds of the Imagination, for readers, writers, and lovers of scifi/fantasy. Check back tomorrow for my new release, The Aegis, a hot vampire vs Light Warriors paranormal romance from Champagne Books. Later, Rita

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The Aegis Cover Reveal

Loving my new cover for The Aegis which will be released by Champagne Book Group in April. An Aegis, a feisty heroine, a dark Alpha hero, and New Orleans. Petra nailed it. Check out the blurb:

Melinda Kildare, antiquarian and rare bookseller extraordinaire, spends her free time searching for the find of the century. She returns home from an estate auction believing she just might have accomplished her goal. Too late, she discovers that the medallion that traps her head-first in the bottom of a barrel is the bait used by a race of vampires to capture and enslave women of power.

Light Warrior Damian Sinclair has battled the Dark Ones for centuries. He rescues Melinda who is destined to be his lifemate but at a horrific cost. He must resolve their conflict, introduce his lifemate to her heritage, and win Melinda’s love while battling the Dark Ones who relentlessly pursue her.

Will they find happiness as they unite to fight the Dark Ones or fall victims to the Dark forces ranged against them?

To read an excerpt of The Aegis, click HERE.   Friday, More Mary     Rita


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I’m Back!!

I haven’t posted since the first week in June but sometimes life gets in the way. My writing career was interrupted by a death in the family, a rat bastard burglarizing and trashing my mama’s house, and the difficult decision to make permanent a joining of households – all while living for the last month in an internet dead zone. Couldn’t have done it without my husband Steve working REALLY hard to pull things together.

Everything should be back to normal in the next few weeks but I couldn’t wait to catch everyone up on everything. I was recently notified that His Obsession (Click cover on left to buy) received a 5-Cup Review from Coffee Time Romance AND was awarded Reviewer Cherokee’s “Coffee Time Reviewer’s Recommend”  Award for the month.

Into the Lyons’ Den, a paranormal shapeshifter novella, is scheduled for release by Champagne Books in August. Champagne also contracted to publish The Aegis in April, 2013. The Aegis is the first novella in Light Warrior series in which a race of immortal Light Warriors and their shield-bearing lifemates defends mankind from the evil vampires who happen to be their kin. Check out the excerpts on my book pages.

Today I’m blogging about “A Window into the Paranormal World” which suggests elements of world building for paranormal stories. Check it out at http://thewritersvineyard.com/ . Still can’t manage daily posts yet but promise several each week. RitaBay


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