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Elizabeth Fountain’s Gift

someoldideascover3Author Elizabeth Fountain writes SciFi and Fantasy with a sense of humor for Champagne Book Group. Having read Liz’ latest book, You, Jane, I’m looking forward to reading her freebie short story, “Some Old Ideas.” The story, according to Liz, is “more like time-travel adventure with a hint of romance.” When the tagline/blurb is “Why would your dead father try to kill you? Brian is about to find out,” what’s not to love? Best of all, it’s free. Read about Liz’s latest, You, Jane, then pick up your freebie HERE.

You, Jane

Champagne Book Group (2014)

 you-jane_300dpiJane Margaret Blake’s problem isn’t her drinking. Sure, she’s missing work, and forgetting she’s already fed her cat, who’s getting a little fat. But Jane’s real problem is the reason she drinks: she writes stories that come true and wreak havoc in her life.

In her “fables” animals, people, angels, and the Universe itself conspire to destroy Jane’s last chance to be with her old love, or, just maybe, to bring her into the arms of a new love. Years ago, a fable pushed Jane’s best friend Charlie into marrying another woman. Now another fable shoves Charlie’s little boy in front of an angry dog – or worse, a wicked spirit bent on getting Jane and Charlie to face the truths they’ve spent a lifetime avoiding.

As her drinking and writing spiral out of control, Jane must finally discover how to write her own happy ending.

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