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Greetings from Ren-Cot

    I’m back and writing!! During a year-long hiatus, I moved to the magnificent mountains of North Georgia and restored the parts of my home in desperate need of restoration and repair. Gone are the moss-encrusted cedar shake shingles which littered the ground – replaced with composition roofing that is more tolerant of moisture. Thank God, the previous owners had installed the shakes on top of a traditional roof (against code) – otherwise I would have been doing some serious interior repairs. After exterior painting and a few fixes inside, I moved in exactly a year ago. It was a difficult move because of the life-long and generational accumulation of stuff – including over 1000 books – that I wasn’t ready to part with. I plan to leave here on a stretcher or in a hearse and leave the hard work to my daughter.

HouseFrontSM   Homes in the community are often named, sometimes for the views or location. Other names are more personal. Mine, which looks like it’s growing out of the ground, is of that sort. Ren-Cot is short for Renaissance Cottage, which wouldn’t fit on the sign. Renaissance refers to rebirth and Ren-Cot is my place for renewal and rebirth. My writing area is in the glass-walled loft that looks onto forest filled with deer, bears, wild cats, squirrels, and chipmunks. I’ve joined a few groups and volunteer with the community’s animal shelter, but stories and characters have been roiling in my mind demanding to be written. Next post, I’ll share my book news.

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