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Author Paula Hardin Seeks a Ghost

My long-time friend, Paula Hardin, tells her story today. Paula Hardin is a New Orleans girl born and raised. She’s married to her soul mate of over nineteen years. Paula has three children and two step-children, and five grandbabies. Her passion is for the paranormal, mystical, and anything other than the norm. She also loves the Sci-Fi channel. Some of her favorites are dark artwork, gothic, dark pictures and paintings. She writes paranormal romances, steam punk, contemporary, which has lots of suspense, but ends with a happy ever after.

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La-Belle-Bed-and-Breakfast-in-Picayune-Mississippi-39466PaulaI’m Paula Hardin and I always wanted to see a ghost. Not the scary kind but a friendly one. Where I live in Picayune Mississippi there’s a Bed and Breakfast that was built in 1904.  Nothing is really known about the original owners, only that it was a private residence and, at one time, a boarding house. The present owners, my friends Lyndon and Penny Glaesman, say it’s haunted. Story goes, Penny woke up one night thinking she had left a roast in the oven. She climbed out of bed and walked towards the kitchen, but as she got closer the smell disappeared.

But that wasn’t the only manifestation. A guest came to her in a panic saying, “I swear I wasn’t smoking in the bathroom, but someone was.” Penny advised the guest to tell the ghost to go outside and the smell would leave. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. On another occasion, a woman who was sensitive to ghosts pulled up to drop off a friend. She refused to get out of the car because, she told her passenger, there were ghosts in that house.

When Penny, my dearest friend who owned the Bed and Breakfast, and her husband decided to spend Christmas with their family, she invited us to housesit. After Katrina, we’d lost everything, even a place to live. The government helped us get into a FEMA trailer which was a sardine can by any measure.  Their house had a fifteen-foot Christmas tree. Of course, we agreed.

I knew the place was haunted. Penny and I had discussed the things that had been observed by their previous guests. She told me to buy navy slippers. She swore that if I put them beside my bed the ghost would move them. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Discouraged, the next morning, I talked to the ghosts while I made the beds. Later, I walked past one of the empty bedrooms and the bed looked like someone had lain upon the covers and pillow. I smoothed the spread, fluffed the pillow, and left. A little later, the same thing happened, so I fixed it.

After the fourth time, I told my girls to stay out of the room that I was tired of fixing the bed.  They both looked at me strangely and told me they hadn’t been in that room. Perhaps the ghost didn’t move my slippers because for that weekend she was in the other room. I was so excited, but disappointed at the same time.

At different times, I’ve gone over to help clean the house when Penny was expecting company. I’d talk to the ghosts the whole time, telling them ‘Hi,’ and ‘I’m cleaning your lovely home,’ and nonsense like that, hoping they would let me see them. That never happened.

One day Lyndon came to see me at work. I was upset thinking something was wrong.  “No,” he said, “I need to talk to you.“  I was like “okay.” I waited with bated breath, wondering what he had to say.

The words that came out of his mouth killed me. He told me that he was sitting in the parlor and out the corner of his eye he saw her. A little old woman came from the bathroom I had used during Christmas and walked right through the French doors towards the front of the house. My mouth hit the floor. I was so jealous. We believe the ghosts of an elderly man and woman, probably husband and wife, reside in that bed and breakfast.

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FINAL-VERSION-PaulaAlone and homeless, Elizabeth Fountain disappears from the priest to find comfort at her mother’s grave. Instead Elizabeth finds the one man who could steal her heart and give her everlasting love. That is if he can keep his fangs out of her neck.

Benson Jackson, a vampire, considered himself a gentleman, even though he’s no longer human. He still believes in helping a damsel in distress. Yet when he finds young troubled Elizabeth, he can’t stop the blood-lust she stirs within him. Can the two head off trouble and find love, or will her past and his deranged mother rip them apart?

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Next up, Friday I tell the story of “Cousin Lula’s Gift”

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