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High Tech Space Tech

High Tech Swim Suit

Although the US Space program accounts for less than 1% of the US budget, it provides many benefits related to the exploration of a new frontier and technologies that improve our lives. For every dollar the U.S. spends on Research and Development in the US Space Program, it gets back $7 back in corporate and personal income taxes from increased jobs and economic growth. Even more jobs are created by other companies applying NASA technology in non-space related areas.

Cell Phone Camera

    Consumer benefits of NASA work include cordless power tools and appliances, home smoke detectors, advances in home insulation, radiation barriers, ion filtering clean water systems.  Other spin-offs include: scratch resistant lenses, high-density batteries, trash compactors, shock-absorbing helmets, home security systems, composite golf clubs, smoke detectors, flat panel televisions, freeze-dried technology, sports bras, hang gliders, quartz crystal timing equipment, and more.    

High Tech Walker

    Medical benefits from NASA technology include improved digital mammograms from Hubble technology;  advanced eye screening, ultrasound scanners, MRIs, cataract surgery tools, arteriosclerosis detection, automatic insulin pump, and a portable x-ray.

     Computer technology advances from NASA include virtual reality systems, microcomputers, advanced keyboards, laser surveying, compact discs, database management systems, specialized aircraft controls, and much more.

     Environmental benefits from NASA technology include advances in the utilization of solar energy; efficient forest management through a satellite scanning system that monitors and maps forestation; improved monitoring of oil spills, water pollution, and air pollution; monitoring, mapping the growth of cities, flood control and more. Other spin-offs include environmental control sensors, energy-saving air conditioning systems, air purification systems, sewage treatment systems, pollution control and measuring devices, a whale identification method, and an earthquake prediction system.

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