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Mathew Brady: Weekend Pics

Robert E_ Lee just days after his surrender at Appomattox Court House by Matthew Brady, April 1865       General George Armstrong Custer by Matthew Brady, 1864

Two Mathew Brady pics document a Civil War winner and loser. Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate forces, was photographed only days after surrendering at Appomattox which was a death-blow to the Confederate forces that was only half that of the Federal military.

Also pictured is General George Armstrong Custer, a victorious Federal officer. Custer after being returned to his regular commission as a Colonel, was died with his men at Little Big Horn in the Indian wars a decade later. Tomorrow, Audra Middleton Visits A Writer’s Desk. Rita Bay

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Mathew Brady Pics: The Dead & Buried



Brady Antietem

The Civil War resulted in the deaths of 600,000 – 850,000 deaths – more deaths than all other wars combined for over a century. These Civil War pictures were taken by the Brady crew. Not that it makes any difference but the  young man at top was a Confederate soldier killed at Sharpsburg, The soldiers in the bottom pic were killed at Antietam.  Burial was often in pits when deaths were in the thousands and tens of thousand. (Pic credit: Library of Congress)  Tomorrow, More Brady Pics.  Rita Bay

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