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The Aegis: Meet Damian Sinclair

Light Warrior Damian Sinclair who has battled the Dark Ones for centuries answers Melinda’s call—the Call of a lifemate. While protecting her from the Dark Ones who pursue her relentlessly, he introduces her to passion, love, and her heritage as a Shield Bearer of the Light.

AegissmDamian Sinclair savored the last of his rare filet of bison at the $10,000-a-plate benefit for the victims of the world’s latest natural disaster. He enjoyed dining in the Pool Room at the Four Seasons Restaurant when he was in Manhattan. The marble elegance and outstanding service reminded him of his past when waiters catered to their guests.

Accepting the invitation to the event, though, had been a mistake. He’d already dodged several men who wanted to talk business and a half-dozen women who’d made more personal propositions. He grimaced at the inane chatter of the nearby guests. Perhaps he’d finish the main course, make his apologies, write a substantial check and…The Call sounded.

Struggling to maintain his composure, he tossed his napkin aside and rushed to the men’s room. It was no surprise when the shift that would transport him to his lifemate came. He’d known what to expect for centuries.

In an instant, he stood outside an antique shop on a brick-paved street where the wrought iron-trimmed porches overhung the sidewalks–probably New   Orleans. The gold lettering on the glass of the door read Antiques & Curiosities, LLC, Melinda Kildare, Proprietress. Wherever he was, he was not alone. He could sense his lifemate and she was in distress. He reached out to her and saw only darkness. He knocked and waited for the invitation he needed to enter. He extended his senses into the shop and then heard her, barely a whisper.

“Help me. Please, help.”

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