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Shared Whispers: New from Champagne

Shared Whispers is an anthology of short stories from an international group of fifteen authors who are published by Champagne. Whether romance, suspense, mystery, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, or science fiction stories, romance is the common theme. Check out the fantasy/scifi stories.

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Solitude by Ronald Hore – All Keith Sommerville wanted was a little time alone aboard his sailboat. What he found was a future beyond belief.

Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever) by Jude Johnson – The freedom of Wales came at a price–love. Centuries later, fate intervened.

Heart of a Rebel by Dani Collins – Plans can be undermined when love and destiny take charge.

Heaven by Elizabeth Fountain – Angels are not always found in heaven.

Nimue’s Daughter by Rita Bay – The past and the future collide when the Merlin of King Arthur’s court seeks his true love in a world on the precipice.

Gods and Zombies by January Bain – Do humans dance at the whim of the gods or do we write our own destiny?

My story, Nimue’s Daughter, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy in which Merlin is called upon by the followers of the Old Ways to defeat the Armageddon that will destroy the world within the week.

Shared Whispers:  Champagne Books or Amazon.

Tomorrow, an excerpt.

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An Author’s Desk: January Bain

Jan2Have you ever wondered how and where an author writes? With “An Author’s Desk,” my new Sunday feature, we take a peek at where some of our favorite authors write those books we love. My first guest at “An Author’s Desk” is January Bain. January is the author of the “Forever” series published by Champagne Book Group.

IMG_1234January has two writing areas. She writes during her spare time at school and at home. Take a look at that magnificent view out her window at home. With a view of twenty acres of Jack pines and deer visiting often, I can’t imagine how she manages to write anything at all.


forever%20clan%20ecover-250x250 CroppedFollowing the impressive Forever Man and Forever Woman in the Forever series. January’s Forever Clan was released last week.

Sunday Rose’s soul mate is a vampire. If that isn’t difficult enough to deal with, she’s pregnant with a child that prophecy states can either help or destroy the vampire race. And there are those that fear either outcome. If she is to protect her child from those who would exploit the prophecy, she must awaken unknown abilities and call upon her guardian angels to buy the time necessary to get her family to safe harbor.

Click Forever Clan cover to buy at Champagne. Check out January’s website here . Finally, stay tuned for Forever Angel, the fourth book in January’s Forever series.

This week, Martin Luther King, Jr. & His Sermons  Rita Bay

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