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Mythic Heroes: The Trojan War

The god Ares Fighting

In the story of the Trojan War, Prince Paris of Troy abducted Helen, the wife of the Greek King Menelaus, and returned with her to Troy.  The Greeks attacked Troy which fell after 10 years.  The ancient Greeks believed that the Trojan War was an historical event that had taken place in the 13th or 12th century BC but by modern times Troy was considered a myth.  In the 19th century, however, after extensive research German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann excavated several layers of the ancient city ofTroy. 

Achilles & His Weapons

In Greek stories relating the conquest of Troy, the Greeks took almost ten years to conquer Troy with great loss of life on both sides.  Even the Greek gods took sides during the fighting. The Trojan Hector killed the hero Patroclus who was wearing Achilles armor.  Maddened over his friend’s death, the hero Achilles who thanks to his mother was invulnerable killed the Trojan Hector and drug him around the walls of Troy. Achilles also killed the Trojan Memnon but was  killed himself by Paris who shot an arrow into his heel.

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Laocoön warned the Trojans about bringing the Trojan horse intoTroy, recommending that they burn it instead.  His advice was the source of the well-known saying, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”  He was ignored and the Trojan Horse was brought into Troy.  Later, the Greeks concealed within the Trojan Horse exited by a trapdoor, opened the gates to the Greek army, defeated the Trojans and destroyed the city.  Lacooan and his sons were killed by a serpent for warning of the danger.

Laocoan & His Sons

Tomorrow, Prophecy & Healing  Rita Bay

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