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Misconceptions about Washington, The Revolution and the Constitution

NOTE:  I’m blogging today at  The Writers Vineyard on Avoiding the Dreaded Anachronism, my search for accuracy while researching settings for Amazona, a story about a Pictish Princess who bargains with a Roman nobleman for help in searching for her kidnapped brother. You can check it out at http://thewritersvineyard.com/

George Washington did not have wooden teeth. According to a study of Washington’s four known dentures by a forensic anthropologist from the University of Pittsburgh (in collaboration with the National Museum of Dentistry, itself associated with the Smithsonian Museum), the dentures were made of gold, hippopotamus ivory, lead, and human and animal teeth (including horse and donkey teeth).

The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence did not occur on July 4, 1776. The final language of the document was approved by the Second Continental Congress on that date, it was printed and distributed on July 4 and 5, but the actual signing occurred on August 2, 1776.

The United States Constitution was written on parchment, not hemp paper.

Tomorrow, Misconceptions about World War II   Rita Bay

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Rita Bay’s Blog Launches February 1st

     Rita Bay’s Blog will feature daily posts on history and culture that you won’t read about in a history book.  The post titles–Sunday’s Storytellers, Monday’s Myths & Legends. Tuesday’s Gems, Wednesday’s Worthy Words, Thursday’s Risque Ripostes & Prurient Pics, Friday’s Medicine & Magic, and Saturday’s Seconds –tell part of the story.  This February, we salute the Presidents–Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln.  In March, we salute Americana.

     I’ll write about myths and legends and the people who tell them, the words and deeds that have changed the course of history or insulted or titillated nations, how people and cultures lived and loved and died, and how wars were waged and the weapons the warriors wielded.  Patriots and presidents, pirates and philsophers, Celtic warriors and Viking berserkers, kings and their mistresses, and druids and dragons will fill my pages.  Check out the February Salute to President’s page to review the posts scheduled for the month as we salute the Presidents.  Read about me on the About Rita page and about the daily posts on the About Rita’s Blog page. 

     As a romance writer, I’m working on a couple of novellas (Devil’s Angel, a paranormal Regency romance, and For Want of a Woman , a futuristic paranormal romance with steampunk elements) and editing my completed Georgian and Regency historicals.  Read excerpts of these and my other stories at ritabay.com.  Each Monday, I blog with the Sizzlers at Southern Sizzle Romance on Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History. Check it out at http://southernsizzleromance.wordpress.com/.  Rita Bay

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