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Romance Magicians Visit & Giveaway

Check out my blog at Romance Magicians about fall in the mountains of North Georgia and my new release, The Caretaker’s Lady from Liquid Silver Books. I’m giving away an ebook of Finding Eve from Champagne Book Group which is also set around Atlanta and the Georgia mountains.

FindingEve-140x215     caretakerslady 180x280


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Finding Eve: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Excerpt

I’m celebrating the release of Finding Eve (Lyons’ Tales #2), a shapeshifter paranormal from Champagne books. It’s a stand-alone sequel to Into the Lyons’ Den. Check out the excerpt below.

FindingEve-EBOOK 180x280“I wish I could take you home with me, but there’s no way I can afford you.” Marie leaned close and touched Eve’s forehead through the cage’s bars. “I’m calling the police on these pigs as soon as I’m out of here. I’ll see that they take good care of you–all of you.”
The Master and the buyers would be cleared out long before help arrived. There would be no rescue but Eve would remember her time with Marie. She would treasure these memories wherever the sale landed her.
She leaned against the bars of the cage and reveled in Marie’s soft caresses. Almost like they were kin. She started. Where did that thought come from? She didn’t have any family. At least, not that she remembered. But she didn’t remember much before Ben. She’d been hurt bad, but Ben had taken good care of her. There was the Time Before, before Ben, that she glimpsed in dreams. She’d been happy then, racing through the forests in the sunshine, stalking the occasional prey. Why could she not be free like Marie?
Eve lunged away from her friend, then threw herself against the cage’s chain link gate. It held. She stood on her two hind legs and used her front paws to push against the gate. An attendant ran towards her, waving an electric prod. She retreated to the rear of her cage and roared her rage. The others took up her challenge. She crouched with her teeth bared ready to attack.
Marie shoved the man aside and approached her. “What’s the fuss, my beauty?”
Her rage washed away and her body relaxed as Marie surrounded her with calming, peaceful thoughts. Her belly was full and it was time for a nap. Exhausted, she lay down on the floor and followed her new friend through half-closed eyes as she drifted toward sleep.

Click cover or links to buy Finding Eve at Champagne Books or Amazon for only $1.95.



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Release Day for Finding Eve & Shared Whispers

FindingEve-EBOOK 180x280Celebrating the release of Finding Eve (Lyons’ Tales #2), a shapeshifter paranormal from Champagne books. It’s a stand-alone sequel to Into the Lyons’ Den. When Eve observes Marie Maxwell—Atlanta’s most sought-after event planner—through the bars of her cage at an exotic animal sale, she has flashes of a different life – a life in which she was something other than feline.

 Can a feral cat ever return home? Nicholas Lyons, chief physician to the Lyons clan of shapeshifters, has mourned the death of his promised lifemate until a rogue shapeshifter reports having seen her at an exotic animal sale. Accompanied by Marie Lyons who is no stranger to the dark side, her new lifemate Anthony, and the imperious Lady Bat, he embarks on a frantic search for Eve through the dangerous world of exotic animal trafficking.
Eve, whose first memories are of recovering from an injury at an isolated animal refuge, has lived through a succession of owners in a world filled with cages and cruelty. When Eve meets Marie at the exotic animal sale, she begins to have flashes of a different life – a life in which she was something other than feline. Her last sale, however, has landed her as prey to exotic animal hunters and the clock is ticking.
Click cover or links to buy Finding Eve at Champagne Books or Amazon.

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Shared Whispers shares Finding Eve’s release date. Shared Whispers is an anthology of short stories from an international group of fifteen authors who are published by Champagne. Whether romance, suspense, mystery, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, or science fiction stories, romance is the common theme. My story, Nimue’s Daughter, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy in which Merlin is called upon by the followers of the Old Ways to defeat the Armageddon that will destroy the world within the week.

Shared Whispers:  Champagne Books or Amazon.

Tomorrow, Excerpts.  Rita Bay

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New Releases & Hush Puppies

It’s been a while, but I’m in the middle of writing a sequel and preparing for two book releases this Tuesday (September 3rd). Finding Eve is the second of my Lyons’ Tales shapeshifter novellas. It is absolutely a stand-alone read. I personally hate to read the second or third book in a series and find that I have no clue what’s going on. 

Thank you to my editor extraordinaire, Nikki Andrews, who gives 100% on every paragraph with a cyber-smile. Thanks also to Trisha Fitzgerald for her magnificent cover. You can check out the cover on the left and click to read the blurb and an excerpt. The buy link will be active Tuesday.  Also released is Shared Whispers, an anthology of fifteen stories by Champagne authors. Check out the cover on the left, click to read the blurb and an excerpt of Nimue’s Daughter, a contemporary Arthurian fantasy in which Merlin battles the Armageddon.

hushpuppiesWhen I was writing about my hometown military romance, Search & Rescue (see  graphic on left), I ended with the story of a mullet fry–an all-day group fest. Today, I’m sharing my favorite recipe for Hush Puppies which are deep-fried with the fish. Tomorrow, I’ll post my personal tartar sauce and remoulade recipes for seafood. 


1 ½ cups yellow or white cornmeal
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 can cream-style corn
milk, as needed
finely chopped jalapeno pepper, optional to taste

Preparation:  Mix dry ingredients. Add onion, corn, and Jalapeno pepper (if desired). Mix well. Add milk for consistency, if needed. Drop by tablespoons into deep hot fat, about 360°. Fry until golden brown.
Tomorrow, Tartar Sauce & Remoulade.  Rita Bay


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