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An Author’s Desk: Eva Lefoy

Welcome to Eva Lefoy, the featured author at An Author’s Desk. Eva is a multi-genre author published with several publishers. She writes Contemporary, SciFi romance, Erotica, and Paranormal Romance – both M/F and M/M. Her publishers include Decadent Publishing, MLR Press, and Secret Cravings Publishing, as well as being self-published. Eva will share a bit about herself, her writing area (not everyone writes at a desk or alone), current works in progress, and her latest book – her contemporary erotic romance, Rekindling the Flame.


The so called deskMy husband runs a market garden and a print shop. I work as an insurance agent by day which is an utterly left-brained activity for the most part. In my spare time I write, do yoga, work out at the gym, run, and hike! Nothing’s better for fixing a plot hole than a nice steep hike!

In the evenings, I usually sit on the couch after dinner and type away as my husband sits in the recliner and reads. We never turn on the TV or the radio. We tend to operate in silence. Yep, we’re that boring! At times, the husband falls asleep in his chair and snores, and the cat who’s sitting on the couch with me snores too. It’s quite a racket! Sometimes I give up, close the laptop and join them for a family snooze.

Tiger writing helperUsually though, I’m typing all manner of steamy romance whilst hubby reads history. His main interests are the U.S. Civil War, Tsarist Russia, and literary biographies. My interests on the other hand run to sexy men, romance and bedroom antics. Hubby flat-out refuses to read my work!

Currently I’m writing a Yeti winter erotica tale, doing edits for a wolf-shifter romance for Decadent Publishing, and finishing up book III of Love Hurts for MLR Press. On the backburner I have MM tentacles, book II of Ridden Hard and book II of Martian Mating.


Rekindling the Flame

A Contemporary interracial erotic romance from Secret Cravings Publishing

RekindlingtheFlame_LRGSometimes love needs a second chance. Travel and work take a toll on Marcy and Paul’s marriage, bleeding the passion out of a once loving relationship. One day, Paul decides he’s had enough. He takes Marcy on a weekend trip to rekindle their romance and won’t take no for an answer.

Marcy’s sick and tired of Paul’s constant travel and the wedge it drives between them. Depression skyrockets her weight, so she’s surprised when Paul wants between her thighs all weekend – over and over again. Can she put aside her fears and reach for what she wants so badly before this second chance at love slips right out of her hands?


Thanks so much to Eva for visiting. Check out more about Eva and her books (including covers and excerpts of her scorching hot stories) here:






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