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High End Gift #3: Auction Update

Last week Rita Bay’s Blog  featured anything from the Elizabeth Taylor auction as a high-edn gift idea. Christie’s listed what they estimated the sale prices at auction. They were SO wrong. The auction of some of Taylor’s most precious jewels on Tuesday took in nearly $116 million, a world record for a private collection of jewels. The two-day auction brought in a combined total of more than $137.2 million, the most valuable private collection of jewelry ever offered at auction and the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history,


Ruby and diamond necklace

The auction broke six world records, including the price achieved for a pearl jewel, the per carat price for a colorless diamond, the price for an Indian jewel, and a ruby per carat.  The “La Peregrina,” the 16th Century pearl on a necklace designed by Cartier forTaylor, sold for $11.8 million, setting the world record for a pearl jewel.  


Diamond tiara

The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara sold for $4.2 million, totally smashing its estimate $60,000 to $80,000 estimate.  A ruby and diamond necklace from the Parisian luxury jewelry house sold for $3.7 million, smashing its $200,000 to $300,000 estimate. A Bulgarian emerald and diamond bracelet sold for over $4 million.  The Taj Mahal Diamond, a gift from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor for her 40th birthday sold for $8.8 million.

Fortunately, a portion of the sales go to charity.

Tomorrow,  A Jewish Holiday     Rita Bay

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High-End Christmas Gift #3

After buying that gorgeous solid gold Christmas tree, what can you put under it? Anything from Christie’s Elizabeth Taylor auction that begins tomorrow.  More than 2,000 of Taylor’s belongings will be up for sale.

Taylor who died in March was married eight times, twice to actor Richard Burton. Her husbands were very generous. A ruby and diamond Cartier set, from hubby #3, film producer Mike Todd, is worth between $2 and $3 million.  A pearl and diamond necklace with the most perfect and largest natural pearl drop that’s in private hands is also up for sale. Then there’s the Elizabeth Taylor 33 carat diamond that Richard Burton bought for $300,000 in 1968 might set you back $3 million. Taylor’s clothes, accessories, artwork and memorabilia will also be on the block. 

If you can’t afford those items there’s an online auction including costume jewelry, fine jewelry, and personal items and memorabilia some of which begin at $100.  To view the entire collection or to register for the online auction, go to



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Tomorrow, another Vintage Christmas Postcard    Rita Bay

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