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Double Medal of Honor Recipient

CusterTHOMAS W. CUSTER, brother of the famous General George Armstrong Custer, was one of only nineteen recipients of TWO medals of honor. Thomas W. Custer, Company B, 6th Michigan Cavalry, was only 18 years old when he earned his first Medal of Honor on May 10, 1863, at Namozine Church, Virginia, by capturing an enemy flag. Two years later, Custer captured a Confederate color guard, in spite of being shot in the place.
Riding up to his brother Brevet Major General George A. Custer, the lieutenant told him, “The Rebels shot me, but I have their flag.” He turned to return to the fight, but the general, realizing the severity of Tom’s wounds, ordered him to the rear. His brother refused, so the young major general placed him under arrest and had him escorted to the aid station. Custer died on Jun. 25, 1876 with his brother in battle at Little Big Horn. He is buried at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery.

Tomorrow, Another Double Winner                Rita Bay

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