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Thursday Redux: R.J. Hore’s blog on “Some Thoughts on Sequels”

R.J.Hore, a fantasy author at Champagne Books, is my guest at Thursday Redux. He writes what he call the medieval fantasy style for novels like the “Dark Lady” series, and a more mad urban fantasy style for his “Housetrap Chronicles,” a fantasy detective series of novellas. Ron’s hobbies include photography and sailing, along with putting up with a large number of unruly grandchildren and an even more unruly large cat. DividerBar428x25

“Some Thoughts on Sequels” posted to the Writer’s Vineyard website back in June 23rd, 2012 when I was working on two sequels to The Dark Lady. The second novel, Dark Days, came out in March of this year followed by the third and final (probably) novel, Dark Knights which came out in August. 2014.as an ebook.

Some Thoughts on Sequels

 I spent the last few months working on a sequel for my first published novel, The Dark Lady. When I wrote the original book, a sequel was the last thing on my mind. Then I began to wonder what would happen if it sold? Not a problem, the tale was far from finished, so I threw myself into the task. One tiny question kept bubbling in the back of my brain as I worked on volume two, Is this the end, or is there still more? After wrapping up almost 90,000 words I can safely say, looks like there is another Dark one lurking out there.

When I attempted my very first novel, I set out to do a trilogy. I thought that would make it easier to publish. After all, it would prove that I could finish what I started. It is still hiding in my closet. When I finally finished it, I could imagine a whole series based on the characters and setting. I guess I didn’t want to let them go their own way.

Since then, most of my manuscripts start out designed as a single, complete story. But once I type “The End” I start to wonder what else the characters might be up to after I’ve closed the page. Unless you wipe everyone out in some major catastrophe, at least one of your favorites is alive and well and shouting from the page that they want to be heard. How long can you create the magic you felt writing the original story, before it starts to feel stale? Maybe someday I should have another peek at that original trilogy, to see if it is as bad as I thought.

I can see why some writers may become jaded, or worse, bored, while writing a lengthy series. I know that every once in a while I get an itch to write something new. I think writing could turn from a joy, to a job, if you had to tell the same story over and over again. Writers need a challenge, a change of setting, a new villain, an exciting new character you might fall in love with all over again.

When you set down to write a novel, do you think of it as being a single project, or do you suspect/hope there will be room for more of the same?


Dark Days

High Fantasy Medieval Style Fantasy from Champagne Books/BURST Books (March 2014)

darkdays2 High Res CoverYoung Queen Nefasti’s hold on her throne is tenuous. Her powerful neighbor to the west has declared war, and her other neighbors want something in return for their offered aid, such as her hand in marriage and her kingdom. Assassins lurk in the shadows while handsome suitors try to bribe her with gold and jewels. Her best friend and protector is leaving and one of her favorite ladies-in-waiting is threatening to commit suicide. What else can go wrong for the young monarch?




Thank you for sharing, Ron. Tomorrow, Goodbye to Pompeii

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