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Shared Whispers: New from Champagne

Shared Whispers is an anthology of short stories from an international group of fifteen authors who are published by Champagne. Whether romance, suspense, mystery, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, or science fiction stories, romance is the common theme. Check out the fantasy/scifi stories.

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Solitude by Ronald Hore – All Keith Sommerville wanted was a little time alone aboard his sailboat. What he found was a future beyond belief.

Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever) by Jude Johnson – The freedom of Wales came at a price–love. Centuries later, fate intervened.

Heart of a Rebel by Dani Collins – Plans can be undermined when love and destiny take charge.

Heaven by Elizabeth Fountain – Angels are not always found in heaven.

Nimue’s Daughter by Rita Bay – The past and the future collide when the Merlin of King Arthur’s court seeks his true love in a world on the precipice.

Gods and Zombies by January Bain – Do humans dance at the whim of the gods or do we write our own destiny?

My story, Nimue’s Daughter, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy in which Merlin is called upon by the followers of the Old Ways to defeat the Armageddon that will destroy the world within the week.

Shared Whispers:  Champagne Books or Amazon.

Tomorrow, an excerpt.

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Interviewed by One of The Fantasy Folk & Giveaway

the healer ecoverOriginalA few months ago, a group of Champagne Book Group authors from the Champagne/Carnal Passions/BURST imprints united to host author days at Coffee Time Romance and Love Romances Café. The group – a happy mix of fantasy authors with various gifts, talents and enthusiasm – clicked and decided to form a permanent blog focused on fantasy in all its forms. The webpage is called Worlds of the Imagination and the authors are The Fantasy Folk. I blog on Mondays on fantasy.

Occasionally, we visit among our individual blogs. Today, I’m visiting Dani Collins who is an RWA Golden Heart Finalist, a Romantic Times American Title Finalist, and the author of several books across genre. Check out Dani’s The Healer which is published by Champagne Books while you’re visiting.  I’ll explain my unique method of writing (some might call it bizarre) and answer some bio questions. Click Dani’s hot cover to read my interview and comment to enter the giveaway of The Aegis.


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Meet The Fantasy Folk


The Fantasy Folk, a group of fantasy/scifi authors published with Champagne Book Group, debut all day Saturday at the Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance. (I know it says 8 – 9 pm but we plan to play all day.) Join us for book talk, world-building, and giveaways. Click the icon above to visit us at CTR. Later, Rita.


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An Author’s Desk: Dani Collins

Dani Collins is my guest today at An Author’s Desk. Whenever I ask for an author bio, most writers are too modest to boast, so I must explore on my own. Dani is an RWA Golden Heart Finalist and a Romantic Times American Title Finalist, both of which are really BIG deals. She writes both fantasy and contemporary and has had a very busy year in both. Her fantasy, The Healer, is definitely on my TBR list.


DaniDesk2Dani Collins spent two decades submitting to every publisher with a transom while holding down a day job and raising a family with her high school sweetheart.

Once The Call finally came, Dani decided to become an overnight success by going to contract on The Healer, an epic fantasy romance, with Champagne Books five weeks after signing with Mills & Boon. For good measure, she chose to indie-publish her romantic comedy, Hustled To The Altar at the same time.

Readers will quickly realize that while her stories span very different genres, she always delivers alpha-male heroes squaring off with spirited heroines in a deeply emotional, unforgettable romance.

Dani has always loved seeing a map in the front of a fantasy book. She hand sketched one for The Healer when she was plotting, then recently had it professionally illustrated. Readers can download it here along with a Reading Guide and a Character Guide.


The Healer

Click Cover to BuyA heroic act gone wrong…

Once oppressed by the Shote people, the Kerfs only want peace, but unrest brews as Shotes expand into the Kerf’s hard won territory. Vaun, a Kerf General, is patrolling the border lands when he saves a Kerf captive about to be raped—then discovers she’s not Kerf at all.

Survival in the balance…

Athadia is Alvian, one of the mysterious healers driven out of Kerfdom by Vaun’s ancestors. Vaun’s first touch tells her he’s a Latent, not as strong as a full-blooded Alvian, but a possible mate. If she could bring herself to lie with a man again, even a superstitious half-blood Kerf, she could fulfill her vows and save her dwindling race.

Hope at too high a cost…

Athadia’s touch promises a kind of healing that has eluded Vaun all his life, but he has broken the Shote treaty and started the war he was meant to avert. His King expects him to kill Athadia to restore peace…

He can’t bring himself to do it.


Visit/Contact Dani:   Website * Email * Amazon Author Page * Buy Link for The Healer

Coming Up This Week: The Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII   Rita Bay


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