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A Change is Coming

   Notice anything new about my webpage? EVERYTHING!! I updated my webpage with a new background and graphics, removed my old data, and checked and edited all my book purchase/review links.

   I also revised my tagline from “Celebrating Romance Across the Ages” to “Risqué Tales of Romance, Adventure & the Paranormal” which better reflects my writing plans for the future, while covering most of the past. Even my new signature graphic reflects my writing plans and matches my webpage (Check it out at the end of this post).

   WHerTeddyBar88x132hy change my writing focus? While I’ve written in several romantic sub-genre, I personally enjoy writing paranormal stories. To be honest, other than the Lyons’ Den series, my personal favorite story was “Nimue’s Daughter” a contemporary Arthurian Armageddon in a short story collection, Secret Whispers. My erotic mythological contemporary stories Her Teddy Bare  &  Conquering Cupid were loads of fun to write. (Click pics to the left to buy) I’ve already plotted two additional stories in the “Cupid’s Back in Business Series.”

ConqueringCupid180x280J   While I LOVE history and enjoy the research, I find myself watching paranormal stories – even the bad ones. I admit to geeking out on current stellar paranormal shows like Supernatural, Dark Matter, The Librarians, and Grimm to some not-so-stellar monster and shark movies, including the Sharknado series and ALL of SyFy’s recent Shark and Monster Week. What are your paranormal favorites?

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Rita Bay Visits An Author’s Desk

Today, I (Rita Bay) am  the featured author at An Author’s Desk on my own blog. After so many guests have dropped by, it’s about time that I stepped up and bared my own author’s soul. I’m  a multi-genre writer  of romance who is happily published by Champagne Book Group (Paranormal/Fantasy), Secret Cravings Publishing (Contemporary Military), Siren BookStrand (Historical), and – most recently – a romantic comedy scorcher with Liquid Silver Books. I’ll also share a bit about my writing and work area, my current works in progress, and my upcoming books.

Rita's DesksmMY PLACE TO WRITE. The picture of my office on the right probably tells more than I intended. I write beside an antique mahogany Empire library table, kicked back in a traditional office chair with my laptop in my lap. All the nice things a mildly OCD writer needs – an antique carved soapstone pen holder, a high-tech multi-purpose lamp and a revolving desk caddy, folders for everything, binders for business, Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, and a set of  mini-filing drawers – sit on top of the desk. The bookcase contains my reference books with antique family pieces – irons, cobbler’s stand, and electrical glass insulators – serving as bookends. Not seen in the picture are two filing cabinets, a large pigeon-holed divider, and two additional bookcases.

MY WRITING. As for writing, I’m a plotter who occasionally deviates from the scene tracker when the story demands it. I’ve just finished edits for Conquering Cupid (the first story in a humorous mythological contemporary series – “Cupid’s Back in Town” contracted with Champagne Book Group) which will be released in December AND for The Caretaker’s Lady, a scorching hot contemporary romantic comedy from Liquid Silver Books which will be released in September. My current works in progress include The Alpha’s Prey, the third novella in the Lyons’ Den series with Champagne, and The Twelfth Night Queen – a Regency Christmas story.

The humorous, Greek mythology-based, contemporary erotic series “Cupid’s Back in Business” evolved from Her Teddy Bare (See cover), a sexy, humorous novella published by Champagne in their erotic series, “Aphrodite’s Island.” Check out the blurb for Conquering Cupid.

FINALHerTeddyBare_600x900Love and lust, the perfect mix for a happily ever after. When popular artist Diana Harper dumped her cheating fiancé and accepted an invitation “to attend a private event at Miss A’s island retreat to experience your most secret dreams and fondest fantasies,” her hostess gave her Teddy as an “attendant.” Despite his best efforts, Teddy is no submissive. Diana, however, plays his game for the profound passion, the best sex ever, and love that could last a lifetime.

Billionaire philanthropist Theodore Cooper “Coop” Bareston III fell in love with Diana when he saw her working out at his elite gym in New York City. He was willing to do anything to win her love, including wearing a skimpy thong in his “Teddy” role and posing nude in chains when Di’s interest in her art revived. As the sexual tension builds and passions explode, Teddy discovers he is intensely aroused by  playing the submissive to his Di’s dome.

After moving into Coop’s East Side penthouse, Diana is sucked into a world inhabited by supernatural denizens with powers beyond her imagination. Can she survive the challenges confronting her to live in Coop’s world or will she turn her back on the extraordinary destiny within her grasp?

You can read an excerpt/buy Her Teddy Bare before the series is released HERE.



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