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Macabre Halloweeen – Windeby Man

For modern people, Halloween is a favorite holiday when merchants rake in their second-highest revenues for the year. For early peoples, All-Hallows’-Eve was celebrated the night before All-Hallows’-Day when the Saints were commemorated at Mass. While in some cultures the celebrants look towards ending the harvest and preparing for winter. For others, it represents a time when the physical and supernatural worlds are closest, when the magic rules and the dead walk, even revisiting their homes.

Check out the bog body of Windeby Man which was thought for many years after its discovery to be a girl. It’s actually the body of a young man who died in the first century AD. He did not appear to have been murdered like so many bog bodies. His body did, however, show signs of malnutrition and illness.  Rita

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Halloween Macabre – Lindow Man

Lindow Man was discovered in a peat bog in 1984. He died during the first century AD  He was about 5 ‘ 6″ tall and weighed around 135 pounds. He was about 25 years old and was in good health, except for some intestinal parasites -worms, to be specific. He was well-groomed with dark hair and beard. (See Reconstruction). His nails were manicured and his hands were soft. His death was horrific. He was struck on the top of the head twice with an axe. He’d also received a blow to his back that broke a rib. He was strangled with a thin cord that had broken his neck. Then his throat was cut and he was placed face down in a pool in the bog to drown, even though he was already dead from a broken neck.

Some suggest that he’d been a noble sacrifice in a Druid ritual. Others suggest that he himself was a prince or a druid who offered himself at time of great trouble – such as the arrival of the Romans in Britain. Lindow Man had several neighbors. At least three other bodies have been found in that bog.  Another reminder that the our view of the world is not the only one.  Rita Bay

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