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An Antique Digger of Some Sort

Digger The tool on the right  I’m not exactly sure about. We have an antique post hole digger, but this is different. It is MUCH heavier and has two handles and is well over five feet tall. I think it was used for digging wells. It’s one of the tools my father brought back from North Carolina that belonged to his ancestors. Daddy was a dowser or diviner. He could walk around holding in his hands two pieces of metal  that joined into one and find water underground. When he walked over water the rods would start to vibrate and then point down to the ground. He would do it for friends but that was all. I saw him do it but I don’t think it’s paranormal or anything, but it always worked. Don’t know where the divining rod is now. Probably lost when we cleaned out TWO huge tool sheds after he died. If you know what it is, please comment and let me know what it is.

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