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Welcome Champagne Author Alan Keen

Meet the Author

In 2012 Alan Keen released The Tales of Averon Trilogy, a series of books that had previously been self-published before placing with a New Generation Publishing. The first was originally a children’s book, but the content and theme became popular with adults and took a mature direction by the time the trilogy was released. The book won The New Generation Publishing Prize for that year and gained him international recognition. Towards the middle of the year he then co-won the international competition to finish the science fiction sequel to Earth 2 by David Diprose. His forthcoming release, Haunted, is due to be released in December this year.

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hauntedMysteria is a small fishing island located close to the west coast of Oregon. Covered with dense forests and with a community of less than forty, its isolation and tranquility is exactly what award-winning author Cameron Drake is looking for. After a swift divorce he decides to move from his home in England to the small island to help find inspiration and reignite his successful career. With his friend and agent living in the mainland harbor connecting routes to the island, it felt like exactly the right thing to do. At least, it was until he set his first footsteps on the island…

A strange encounter on a lonely road en-route to his new home leads to a series of bizarre and terrifying hauntings that force Cameron to question his sanity, and also bring to light the strange occurrences that have given the island is name. As members of the small community slowly begin to vanish, Cameron believes that not everything in his new paradise is exactly what it seems.

Aided by a handful of friends and his loyal pet Akando, a huge Alaskan malamute, Cameron descends unwillingly in to the strange world of the paranormal. Slowly he begins to believe that a spirit haunting him is attempting to make contact psychically, and believes she may be warning of a terrible fate that will befall the rest of the island’s population unless he can find a way to reach out and understand why the community is vanishing.

The fate of the survivors rest in Cameron’s hands as he begins a quest that involves witchcraft, Ouija boards and psychic contact with a being from the spirit world, but as he investigates deeper in to the paranormal, the island’s secret and his own role to the spirit world become terrifyingly clear…

Check out the fantastic YouTube Video for HAUNTED.

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