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I’m Back!!

I haven’t posted since the first week in June but sometimes life gets in the way. My writing career was interrupted by a death in the family, a rat bastard burglarizing and trashing my mama’s house, and the difficult decision to make permanent a joining of households – all while living for the last month in an internet dead zone. Couldn’t have done it without my husband Steve working REALLY hard to pull things together.

Everything should be back to normal in the next few weeks but I couldn’t wait to catch everyone up on everything. I was recently notified that His Obsession (Click cover on left to buy) received a 5-Cup Review from Coffee Time Romance AND was awarded Reviewer Cherokee’s “Coffee Time Reviewer’s Recommend”  Award for the month.

Into the Lyons’ Den, a paranormal shapeshifter novella, is scheduled for release by Champagne Books in August. Champagne also contracted to publish The Aegis in April, 2013. The Aegis is the first novella in Light Warrior series in which a race of immortal Light Warriors and their shield-bearing lifemates defends mankind from the evil vampires who happen to be their kin. Check out the excerpts on my book pages.

Today I’m blogging about “A Window into the Paranormal World” which suggests elements of world building for paranormal stories. Check it out at http://thewritersvineyard.com/ . Still can’t manage daily posts yet but promise several each week. RitaBay


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