Coming in 2015

Cupid’s Back in Business #3

“A sad fate for a nice guy.” Pericles Cooper was very happy with his life, until Coop’s arrow went astray. Peri was grateful that Fate had smiled on him for the last four centuries, starting with sending him to live with Coop and the other orphans. Early on, he realized his interest didn’t lie with women. At the time, his preference could have landed him in serious trouble, so he threw himself into his work and bided his time. After Coop’s new wife Diana struck Martin Dory with Cupid’s arrow while defending some humans, the Evil One fell into his arms and sealed their fates with a look. Can he reform Martin, so they can build a life together?

Martin Dory awoke naked on a beach with no memory of who or what he was. After the hospital pronounced him well and discharged him, Peri Cooper offered him a place to stay. While he was profoundly attracted to the young man who ignored his advances, he was haunted by visions of horrible crimes he might have committed. Can he turn his back on his past and pursue a happily-ever-after with Peri or will the past rear its ugly head and destroy a chance at happiness?