A Big WWII Thank You

MarieButnerSMWhen Lt Marie returned home, she received a standard note of “thank you for your service” signed by President Truman. Marie returned to work as a registered nurse, married, had children, and lived happily ever after.
Old Granny at 91 has managed to outlive everyone in her generation, so no one will ever say ‘that’s not how it happened.’ She’s never lost her sense of humor. She’s very healthy and takes no medication. She lives at home with her family, watches the Mass and her news regularly, and loves to share her stories.  There are loads more papers to share, hope you enjoyed these.

Truman on DischargeSMREV




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5 responses to “A Big WWII Thank You

  1. “Old Granny” is blessed by God if she is healthy and has her mind. Kudos to your family for taking care of her at home. I believe it was the apostle Paul who wrote that children and grandchildren should take care of their elderly. What a legacy! She would be cool to sit down with and simply listen to her stories of the greatest generation. I have enjoyed the trip to WWII, Rita, and please tell her for me that your friend Keith appreciates and respects what she did for all of us Americans succeeding her.

    • I enjoyed sharing her memories. We had fun going through the folder and putting things together. I didn’t use everything, but some of her stories were new to me. A real gift for me.

  2. I agree. Those of the greatest generation, whether fighting overseas or working back here on the home front were heroes who kept the world from falling into the clutches of dictators. They seldom talked about what they did and for the most part just considered it their duty. How we need men and women like this today when political correctness sets us up for defeat by a new set of world dictators.

    • The old ones are leaving us, more every day. I was so proud of those vets who moved the stanchions when the war memorial in Washington was blocked off due to “budget cuts.” Can you imagine anyone stopping them?

  3. Unfortunately I can believe that the current administration would try to stop them. There is no respect for the military or the veterans coming out of Washington D.C. these days. They have so hamstrung our troops fighting overseas with “rules of engagement” where the troops have to try to get permission to fire on what clearly are terrorists that our soldiers are being shot at and hit before permission is reluctantly given for them to fight back.

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