Life in the Army Stateside in WWII

Lt. Marie had been stationed first in Atlanta at Camp Butner, followed by service Camp Butner in North Carolina, and finally at Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington DC.  At Camp Butner, she worked primarily with soldiers who had been injured and returned home to recover. In the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944 – January 1945, the Germans caught the Allies in a surprise offensive. With over 19,000 killed and 89,000 injured, it became the most tragic battle of the war.  Some soldiers  had suffered from severe frostbite requiring amputation with  a long treatment and recovery.

Lt. Marie worked received only one day off a month. Night nurses worked 7pm to 7am. Day nurses worked eight hours, from 7am to 7 pm with three hours off during the shift. Although she was usually too tired to socialize, officers were required to join the Officers’ Club. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember where the card was issued.

O-Club CardSM


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