WWII Property Issue Form

Lt Marie received her supplies, uniform allowance, and clothing while at Rucker. TRUE STORY: The nurses were told not to bring clothing with them because everything would be provided on arrival. Since so many nurses were being processed, they ran out of clothing to issue. The nurses were stuck wearing what they had arrived in for several days. Finally, they were issued fatigues to wear until the next shipment arrived. Unfortunately when it did arrive, they started issuing the clothing to the nurses who had arrived later. Many complaints were lodged with the Chief Nurse who saw that they went to the head of the line, so they could leave for their assigned stations on time.

Property IssueSM




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2 responses to “WWII Property Issue Form

  1. Rita,

    Those stories from members of the “greatest generation” are sensational. I applaud you for doing your part to keep their stories alive and immortal. My parents were older when they had me and they were part of the “greatest generation” as well. I am going to write about the conflict between the World War II vets and their “baby boom” children in my book “The Governor”. The 67-year-old mistress of Wellsington is a baby boomer who was a teenager in the 60s when establishment versed anti-establishment. She fought bitterly with her World War II vet father over the turbulent Vietnam War and all things the young rebelled against. She was not mistress-of-the-manor material and stormed out of the mansion after a huge shouting match regarding Vietnam. Her father fought for his country and could not understand why the “long-haired bastards” could not do the same. It makes for great fodder of conflict. My oldest sister and father had a shouting match at the dinner table, my mother told me, over Kent State killings. They stood and jabbed fingers at each other in heated argument while my docile mother simply sat and cried. If you have further ideas, let me know. I know you couldn’t possibly be a teen-ager from the 60s but you may still have memories to contribute.

    Love ya! Keith

    • A great personal story! The Governor looks like a great upcoming read. I love old stories. My family has great oral traditions that carry across two centuries. My NaNo story starts with a woman in mourning looking out the window of her home on the straw-covered street. The straw quieted the noise of the wagons passing in front of the house in mourning. So Cool. Rita

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