Gordon Osmond Visits An Author’s Desk

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuthor Gordon Osmond  is today’s guest at An Author’s Desk. Gordon is a multi-genre writer of humor, non-fiction, instructional, autobiography, and contemporary American fiction. He is published with Secret Cravings Publishing and America Star Books.

“After moving to Brazil five years ago, four of my books have been written and published. I’m retired and very well taken care of by a domestic companion whom I married last year under Brazilian law; therefore, I can dedicate all of my working hours to writing books and book reviews for Bookpleasures.com and Bookideas.com and teaching English as a Second Language.”


“My book, So You Think You Know English—a Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don’t Need One is a humorous take on the essentials of English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Wet Firecrackers—the Unauthorized Autobiography of Gordon Osmond is a tell-all book which cost me the friendship of many friends and family members.

 My two novels, Slipping on Stardust and Turner’s Point are described below.

IMG_0102When writing a book, as contrasted with correspondence and social and political blogging, I write in cursive, usually in a bucolic outdoor setting furnished with instrumental music and light alcohol. I then turn to the computer for transcription and editing. My computer desk is unremarkable, but my chair is a miracle. I have always used the same ergonomic chair, which involves kneeling rather than sitting. As I am not a churchgoer, the chair fulfills my kneeling needs. Because of hours, days, and years with this chair, I’ve never experienced a moment of back, neck, or shoulder pain.

As I have written both fiction and non-fiction books as well as eight full-length produced stage plays in genres from drama to serious comedy to farce to futuristic horror, I am looking for something new. It’s not easy.”


Turner’s Point
A Contemporary American novel (serious comedy) Secret Cravings Publishing (April, 2014)

TurnersPoint350dpi_Cropped_(1)The reasons for the explosion of the Brockway marriage are folded into the narrative of Turner’s Point, making it a stand-alone novel. Those reasons are explored in detail and in real time in my debut novel, Slipping on Stardust, published by Secret Cravings Publishing in 2013, which is available at the same online booksellers as Turner’s Point.

Turner’s Point follows the fallout from the explosion of the marriage of Dan and Eileen Brockway. Specifically:

  • Their son’s discovery of his sexual orientation and his true love
  • the travails of Dan, his new bride, and Dan’s longtime friend, Raul, in establishing a new law firm in California
  • the triumphant efforts of Eileen and her son to resurrect their shattered lives back in their hometown of Johnson, Ohio
  • Raul’s reunion with his secret daughter

In addition to San Diego, Hollywood, and Johnson, the story travels to the world of Wall Street lawyers and media personalities in New York City.


View YOUTUBE TRAILER for Turner’s Point


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3 responses to “Gordon Osmond Visits An Author’s Desk

  1. Many thanks to Rita Bay, who is generous enough to take time from her own writing schedule to help other authors with beautiful presentations of their work such as this.
    Also, congratulations to Rita on her new release. I very much enjoyed Conquering Cupid, particularly its playful and lighthearted treatment of a subject that is often represented in dark and forbidding tones.

    • Thank you for visiting, Gordon. I enjoy hosting other authors. I loved Turner’s Point and have just finished a review that I’ll post later this month.
      Thank you for your kind words about Conquering Cupid. One element of the story, I call it BDSM with a chuckle, is basically sex play between consenting adults – no hurt, not harm, just a bit of fun.

  2. Focusing fresh light on familiar objects is surely an author’s principal challenge. Conquering Cupid delightfully and successfully addresses that challenge.

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