An Author’s Desk: Author Jamie Salisbury

My guest today is bestselling author Jamie Salisbury who writes women’s fiction and contemporary and historical romance. Jamie is a 2012 RONE finalist and her historical-romance westerns have topped Amazon’s Bestseller’s List. Choice Matters, a contemporary erotic romance from Secret Cravings Publishing, is the first in the brand new series, “Southern Heat.” Jamie will share a bit about her writing style, her current work in progress and her current release, Choices Matter.


10565693_10203449290425467_2065799498_nThis past winter I was forced to take to my bed in an effort to allow an ulcer on the bottom of my foot to heal. No longer could I sit at my desk and gaze out at the peaceful landscape of  a rolling lawn and trees as I wrote. While out on a rare shopping trip with a friend, and in a wheelchair we came across this. My new writing space!

Well that was last winter. Since then my foot has healed and I’m free to move about as I please. Though I could easily go back and write at my desk, I find my new environment far more attractive and coy.

My writing style is more of a panster. I let the characters tell the story. I keep a running notebook of each project containing character names, plot ideas, etc. I write the book, then go back and begin the self edit process of what is working and deleting what is not. At present I’m on a much needed vacation at an undisclosed location. My current project is the sequel to Choice Matters, tentatively called, Choice Affairs.


Choice Matters

Secret Cravings Publishing  (August, 2014)

ChoiceMatters_SMApolo Choice…self-made billionaire before the age of thirty. At a time when most men are still trying to figure out what direction to take their careers, Apolo Choice is enjoying luxuries they are still dreaming about. But behind every powerful man come secrets, and Apolo is no exception.

Confident, intimidating, arrogant and handsome, Apolo Choice is a man who gets whatever he wants. At least in the boardroom. Away from the power deals, he has a dark side. One he allows few to enter. Until he meets Caitlyn White.

Caitlyn White…smart and self-assured, she has quietly worked at Choice Enterprises for four years. Until one day her world is turned upside down by the man at the top. Taking her from the cubical to executive suite faster than you can blink an eye.

Together they become a power couple both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Will Caitlyn learn Apolo’s darkest secrets? Will he reveal them to her, when he has no one else? Or will she leave screaming as others have in the past, leaving him alone once again?





Thank you for visiting, Jamie.

Tomorrow, The Eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD

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  1. Love your explanation of your writing area…I sit at a very cluttered desk, but I know where everything is. If any of it gets moved, I can’t find anything. lol. I’m also a panster. My characters guide me and sometimes they take me places I had no idea they were going, but it’s fun. Best of luck with all your books. The series sounds great!.

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