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Thank you to Celia Breslin (http://celiabreslin.com/blog/) for the tag. If you haven’t checked out her vampire series – The Tranquilli Bloodline – which begins with Haven, and you’re into vampires, I can promise one of the best reads of the year. it’s available HERE M y answers are a tad complicated, but please read on.

1. What am I working on? I’m a few days from completing the final story in my shapeshifter trilogy, Lyons’ Tales. Tentatively titled The Alpha’s Prey, this hot novella completed the story of the Lyons’ Family. All questions are answered and all conflicts resolved. In the planning stages are the first of a series of erotic mythology novellas, tentatively titled Cupid’s Back in Town.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? As you can see from my books on the left, I’m writing in several genres. So far, I have paranormal (shapeshifter and vampire), historical, contemporary, fantasy, and mythology books published , including M/F and M/M from sweet to erotic romance. I plan to write a space opera later this year, a couple more historicals, and a Christmas Regency story called the Twelfth Night Queen. I like to do a LOT of research and incorporate it into my books. All of my books have a humorous element also. You can click any of the gold icons on the left to read the blurb and excerpt with a buy link.
3 Why do I write what I do? Because I have to? I would be SO bored writing in one genre. I haven’t quite found which genre I like the best. Maybe some day. The only essential elements in my writing is the need for a happily ever after with a bit of humor mixed in.

On short notice, I only have two authors to tag – both paranormal/fantasy authors. Both are well worth the visit this weekend:
Graeme Brown http://www.graemebrownart.com
L.T. Getty http://ltgetty.wordpress.com/
Thank you for visiting. BTW, Graeme, L.T., and I begin a huge multi-author book tour next week with loads of gifts from us and out publisher, Champagne/Burst Books. Join us at any of our webpages.


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  1. Oh boy, another Lyons’ Tale! Can’t wait.

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