My Free Mini-Book is Up

I posted a mini-book freebie today on my webpage/blog for downloading. The complete story in the mini-book, Reception Interrupted, is a short story of 4,500+ words that occurs in the men’s restroom of The Oyster’s Shell during a wedding reception. Most of the action is between Ely, the ex-Green Beret-turned-bride’s guardian, and the Army Ranger husband. Lexie and Todd, Ely’s partner, eventually get involved in the action. The bathroom, maybe even the whole restaurant, will never be the same. Reception Interrupted is a full stand-alone story that bridges the action between the Search & Rescue and Ely’s Epiphany. There are two versions – PG and R – to choose from.

Search & Rescue is a steamy contemporary military romance in which college coed Lexie meets her future husband – an Army Ranger who is mistakenly reported killed in action in Afghanistan.  My Christmas book,  Ely’s Epiphany, is a scorching hot M/M romance, – a story of two ex-Green Beret partners who rescued Lexie, a wealthy heiress as a toddler, were hired by her grandfather as her security, and later became Lexie’s guardians after her grandfather died. The action in the bathroom of The Oyster’s Shell sets up the story for Ely’s Epiphany.

Click the book cover or the Freebies tab to download Reception Interrupted. Authors interested in compiling a mini-book can find the how-to directions under Author Freebies on the Freebies page.  ENJOY!!


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