Little Buttercup Lamp

How did people light their homes before electricity? Below is one example. It is called a “Little Buttercup Lamp” that belonged to my great-great-grandmother. It dates to the 19th century. The lamp was filled with kerosene and carried around the house. The light was increased or decreased by raising or lowering the wick. Since it is in excellent condition and still has the glass intact, it’s worth somewhere around $50 – $100. Of course, none of our pack-rat treasures are for sale.  Rita



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2 responses to “Little Buttercup Lamp

  1. Back in the 1940s when I was young we still used kerosene lamps. Later, while living outside Washington D.C. we had a Winter storm that knocked out our electricity for several weeks and we were happy that we had kept a few of those lamps. We huddled around the fireplace in the basement in an attempt to keep warm and lived on soups and sandwiches for about three-weeks. The way things are going in this country I think it would be smart to have a couple of these and some kerosene for emergencies (batteries only last so long).

    • Packrat that I am I still have a couple of those lamps. Being from the Gulf Coast we have several hurricane hits that ended with us losing power. Those lamps are nice. We don’t do the generator fix – decided we’d go the lamp and peanut butter route – much easier for us. Rita

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