Antique Irons

Maintaining clothing was labor intensive for women. Often a whole day was dedicated to laundry. The water may have been carried to a tub to be used for washing  and rinsing. Permanent press was unheard of. Heavy irons were heated by the fireplace and later on a wood-burning stove. These belonged to my mother’s family.  I use them for bookends.




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2 responses to “Antique Irons

  1. I’ve been on the road for a weeks and am trying to go through over 2K of my E-Mails. On the irons…that is why ladies, back in the day, didn’t need Cross-Fit and other workout programs…life was enough of a workout all by itself! My hat is always off to the ladies…like the commercial says, “We do more before Six AM, than most people do all day!” XXOO

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