Bruiser in Halloween Costume


“She told me I’m wearing a  Super Dog costume. I know she lied.”


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7 responses to “Bruiser in Halloween Costume

  1. You’re not REALLY going to make me wear this…are you?

    • We do Mardi Gras occasionally. When I saw this one, I couldn’t resist it. He has a Halloween costume that he will model later. He really will do anything for a treat. Rita

  2. Carol

    The bubble over Bruiser’s head reads-“you know that BOYS don’t wear mirmaid costumes right granmama?”

  3. He has a Halloween costume. This one was bought for Mardi Gras. He’ll wear anything for a treat.

  4. His expression is perfect. It should say, “Look what she’s making me wear. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

    • My daughter rescued Bruiser four years ago. We are his fourth family that we know about. He’s a 70+ pound lapdog who will put up with just about anything for his family and enough treats. Rita


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