SEARCH & RESCUE – My Hometown Romance – The Mullet Toss

Mullet tossGulf Shores is the locale for many events – concerts,  a seafood festival, and fun for kids. Without a doubt, the most unusual and one of the most popular is the annual Mullet Toss at  the Flora-Bama. The Flora-Bama Bar and Package Store is an iconic landmark on the Florida-Alabama state lines at Perdido Key, FL. The Flora-Bama has been the destination of beach partiers since the 1960s. It was badly damaged in 1978 during Hurricane Frederick but was rebuilt and has expanded.

mulletThe Flora-Bama sponsors the Mullet Toss every April – a charity event that is fun for participants and observers.  What is a mullet and where is it tossed and by whom, you might ask. A mullet is a fish that weighs about a pound (See Pic). Participants who enter one of the many categories stand in a circle ten feet in diameter and throw it as far as possible within the boundaries. How can this be fun, you ask. You have to be there and partying to understand the attraction.  Tomorrow, More about mullet & a my Guest Post  Rita Bay


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