SEARCH & RESCUE – My Hometown Romance – “To the Gulf” & “Over the Bay”

Sunset Through the Grass at Gulf ShoresIn one of the scenes of my contemporary military romance –Search & Rescue – which is set in Mobile AL, the hero and heroine discuss the family vacation home at Gulf Shores. Many Mobilians maintain a home at Gulf Shores or on Mobile Bay. In the “old days” of stay-at-home moms, it was not uncommon for families to relocate to the family house “over the Bay” or rent a cottage for the whole summer. Fathers would join the family on the weekends or for an extended stay. It was not unusual for the bay front summer homes to remain in the family for generations. Cousins would spend summers together playing on the beach, fishing, or crabbing until darkness forced them inside. Now, many cottages have been replaced by year-round home with roads that allow for quick rides into Mobile. Some families still maintain the summer traditions and divide out vacation time at the cottage among the many cousins.

Gulf Shores which was hit by several hurricanes (most notably Hurricane Frederick in 1978) in the last decades. Small family cottages with private beaches have been replaced with large condos and multi-home compounds. The sea oats and turtles are fiercely protected. The beaches remain pristine and the sunsets unmatched. A romantic location for Taylor and Lexie’s honeymoon. Check out the sunset at Gulf Shores with sea oats in the foreground. Click the Search & Rescue book cover graphic (on the left) to read an excerpt or buy.

Tomorrow, more on Gulf Shores.  Rita Bay


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4 responses to “SEARCH & RESCUE – My Hometown Romance – “To the Gulf” & “Over the Bay”

  1. Rita, I love the gorgeous picture of the marsh grass. Yes, the Gulf Shores area is a beautiful, romantic place — if you can look beyond those huge condos. I, too, liked it better before it became a tourist spot. Looking forward to reading Search and Rescue.

    • I like the Gulf but prefer the Bay and its river system that has been settled for centuries. There’ll be more posts on My Mobile this week, highlighting scenes from Search & Rescue which I hope you enjoy reading. It was certainly easy to write. Rita

  2. The best move we ever made was this move south. Unfortunately, we bragged about the state so much, all but one of our children decided to relocate, meaning, children and their children and now their children. We should have kept our mouths shut!!! But it is beautiful, beyond words.

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