Friday’s Sunset with Her Teddy Bare

Gulf ShoresThroughout the week, I’m leaving bits of an excerpt of a scene where Teddy and Diana (from Her Teddy Bare – my first erotic romance) share a sunset. Thought I’d share a few sunsets also. Enjoy!! Click the pic to buy (only $.99) or read an XXcerpt.

Diana sat in silence with Teddy for more than an hour enjoying the sunset and the approach of darkness. Once she’d gotten Teddy off his knees and in a chair beside her, he’d been great company. Neither of them spoke a word, but they’d shared the beauty of the moment. She appreciated that Teddy was comfortable with silence—unlike Franklin who engaged in constant conversation, usually about himself.

When she left the terrace to avoid the bugs beginning to swarm, Teddy followed her inside and pulled the thin drapes across the openings to the terrace. She wished him good night and went into the bathroom. As she got ready for bed, she admitted she’d enjoyed his company and even looked forward to the start of her fantasy. When she returned to the bedroom, wearing the gown over a shamelessly sheer black teddy, Teddy stood waiting.

“Thank you for everything, Teddy. I must say this day tops my lifetime list for interesting and unusual.”
“Thank you, Mistress. The pleasure was mine.” He waited expectantly.
“I look forward to tomorrow.”
“As do I, Mistress.” He didn’t budge
“You are dismissed for the day, Teddy. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Yes, Mistress.” He turned to leave.

He stopped but didn’t turn around. The last rays of the setting sun outlined his body. The artist that fell silent last year emerged to appreciate the beauty of Teddy’s body silhouetted against the waning light.

“Where do you sleep, Teddy?”
“As close to you as possible, Mistress.”
“So, if you don’t sleep here. You …”
“… sleep outside, Mistress.”
“With the bugs?”
“And the snakes, Mistress.”
“Non-poisonous, Mistress.”
“You’ll sleep inside tonight, Teddy.”
“Thank you, Mistress.”

Her Teddy Bare (a light BDSM e-book with a chuckle) is a Quick Read of the Aphrodite’s Island series where guests “experience their most secret dreams and fondest fantasies.” Her Teddy Bare is available from Carnal Passions, the erotic romance imprint of Champagne Book Group. To read an XXcerpt or buy Her Teddy Bare for only $.99, click HERE.

Tomorrow, A Last Sunset with Her Teddy Bare

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