M. S. Spencer Visits An Author’s Desk & a Giveaway

M. S. Spencer AuthorM. S. Spencer is my guest today at “An Author’s Desk.” M. S. writes contemporary romance and action/adventure and is published by Red Rose Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing.

M. S. has a fascinating bio. Although she has lived or traveled in every continent except Antarctica and Australia (bucket list), the last 30 years have been spent mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, Congressional staff assistant, speechwriter, editor, birdwatcher, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and parent. She is about to heave the entire ho to Florida, leaving behind the cherry blossoms, the monuments, and the political hacks. M. S. will give a mouse pad and key chain to a lucky reader who leaves a comment—for use in their own place of work!


M.S.’s Desk

M. S. Spencer's studyI’m lucky enough to be able to write full time at home, so I control my schedule. This is my fantasy day: I rise just before noon, take a large English breakfast (eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit) (no kedgeree), followed by about three hours of aimless wandering through emails, Facebook and other social media, at which point I remember to brush my teeth before taking my mid-afternoon constitutional. I’m too hungry at that point to write, so I have a light lunch and a nap. By that time we’re into cocktails, and the entire day’s shot.
And my actual day: I rise fairly early in the morning, let the cat out, eat a muffin and coffee, read the newspaper, write or do research for three hours, walk, eat, nap, and get my second wind about 4:30. The only accurate thing about my fantasy day is the cocktail.


M. S. on writing Lapses of Memory

As journalists, Sydney and Elian fly a lot. Since in the story they only meet every few years, the dates of their meeting on a plane coincided strangely and wonderfully with new aircraft designs coming on line. Research on the development of flight technology led me to learn some interesting facts. First, the early commercial airlines were designed for comfort rather than speed. The Boeing Stratocruiser that Sydney takes when she is five had sleeping berths and a lounge, and meals were served on china plates with fine wines in etched crystal goblets. As with most advances, luxury was soon sacrificed to speed, and by the 1970s we had the SST Concorde, which made the flight from New York to London three hours. Second, the amazing growth in passengers blew me away. In the 1950s air travel was limited to a few adventurous souls and planes carried 100 passengers. Today the Airbus A380 can handle up to 840. In 1950 17 million people used air transportation. Just sixty years later in 2011, an estimated 2.75 billion people winged it.


Lapses of Memory

A Romance, Action/Adventure from Secret Cravings

 Click to buy Lapses of MemoryIn Lapses of Memory, two romances intertwine as a mother recounts her life-long love affair while her daughter juggles two lovers. Sydney Bellek’s love for Elian Davies is reignited each time they meet, but in the long years following each encounter she forgets him. For his part, Elian knows from the age of seven that they are meant for each other, but when she finally understands, he has lost his memory—literally. Can she make him remember her? Will their new love be enough to replace the old one?
Meanwhile, her daughter Olivia chronicles the ups and downs of her parents’ romance, making it difficult to concentrate on her own dilemma—how to choose between the rich and dashing Rémy de Beaumec, who wants to take her around the world, and the strong, silent, American-to-the-core, Benjamin Knox, who only wants to make her happy. CLICK the cover to buy or read an excerpt.


Thank you, M. S., for visiting Rita Bay’s Blog. Contact or learn more about M. S. here: BLOG FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTEREST  Please leave a comment to enter to win M. S.’s swag. Until tomorrow,


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  1. Hello everyone–I’m afraid I’m a day late checking in–hope readers were interested in my little effort. I was hors de combat because moving from VA to FL yesterday. I hope you and Rita will accept my apologies. M. S.

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