Saturday’s Sunset with Her Teddy Bare

Believe it or not there are places in the United States without – or with only minimal – internet access. Unfortunately I’ll be in one of them for the next week – 10 days. Throughout the week, I’m leaving bits of an excerpt of a scene where Teddy and Diana (from Her Teddy Bare – my first erotic romance) share a sunset. I plan to share some inspiring sunsets beginning Saturday. Enjoy!! Click the pic to buy (only $.99) or read another excerpt.

Diana sat in silence with Teddy for more than an hour enjoying the sunset and the approach of darkness. Once she’d gotten Teddy off his knees and in a chair beside her, he’d been great company. Neither of them spoke a word, but they’d shared the beauty of the moment. She appreciated that Teddy was comfortable with silence—unlike Franklin who engaged in constant conversation, usually about himself.

Her Teddy Bare (a light BDSM e-book with a chuckle) is a Quick Read of the Aphrodite’s Island series where guests “experience their most secret dreams and fondest fantasies.” Her Teddy Bare is available from Carnal Passions, the erotic romance imprint of Champagne Book Group. To read another excerpt or buy Her Teddy Bare for only $.99, click HERE.

Tomorrow, M. S Spencer visits An Author’s Desk

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