A “Modern” Judgement of Paris


This is a more modern Judgment of Paris.  Jacque Clement Wagrez (1850 – 1908) was a French painter and illustrator famous for painting the palaces of  the wealthy French. He studied in France and Italy. While he painted during the latter half of the 19th century, he garbed his models in Italian Renaissance clothing. Finding images of Aphrodite with clothes on has been a challenge.

Tomorrow, Author Liz Fountain Visits An Author’s Desk


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One response to “A “Modern” Judgement of Paris

  1. Hi Rita – I’ve enjoyed your posts on Aphrodite (although I already know all about her and other gods), as I’ve recently signed a contract with a small Irish publisher for a contemporary/fantasy series set on Cyprus: The Aphrodite Touch. I had previously sent my first story somewhere else (as Aphrodite’s Island) before the Champagne editor suddenly came up with her erotic series of that title (and I said as much on the forum at the time – that I’d need to change the name of my story!). Mine are not erotic and also involve one of Aphrodite’s other lovers you haven’t mentioned! All the best with your story.

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