Vampires are NOT Good

Nosferatu1922Until the advent of a couple of vampire films twenty or so years ago, everyone knew that vampires are evil. But a few gorgeous vampires later, we’re supposed to be convinced that vampires are actually misunderstood because they live alternate lifestyles for many years and drink blood. My God, they drink blood!! They suck people’s blood away and those folks die or become vampires. The early moviemakers knew just how evil vampires were and portrayed them accordingly. Check out the pic from the movie Nosferatu from 1922. This creature is what I had in mind when I described the vampire who was the enemy of the Light Warriors. In The Aegis, Melinda opened the door to him but didn’t invite him inside. I wouldn’t invite him in either, if this creature knocked at my door: “In the glow of the streetlights, Fields looked ghastly. His face was a pasty grey-white. His blue eyes were glazed over like a dead fish. Mucous drained in tracks from the corners of his eyes down his cheeks. His thinning black hair straggled in greasy clumps around the leather tie that had bound it. Either his outdated black suit or Fields himself smelled like roadkill.”

The Aegis is available from Champagne Books HERE.     Tomorrow, Author Samantha Combs visits An Author’s Desk.


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