The Aegis: Melinda & Damian

Will Melinda and Damian find happiness as they unite to fight the Dark Ones or fall victims to the Dark forces ranged against them?

Damian opened the door and called, “May I come in?”

“Please hurry.”

He quickly navigated the conglomeration of treasures and trash in Melinda’s shop, anxious for a first glimpse of his lifemate. He spotted her in the storeroom at the back of the shop surrounded by stacks of books. He stopped dead and stared. In all his years, he’d never seen such a sight.

His lifemate was sprawled upside down in a massive barrel, her bare legs waving in the air. He stepped closer. A brown silk skirt covered her face. Below her waist, she wore a black V-string, a mere wisp of shiny satin that revealed far more than it covered. He admired her long, shapely legs and firm bottom, then shifted a little for a better view. He grinned–his lifemate was a natural redhead. “You seem to be in a bit of trouble.”

“Don’t just stand there. Get me out of here.”

He stole a final peek, reached in the barrel, and grasped her around the waist. Heat sizzled between them as he lifted her out of the barrel and set her on her feet with her back to him. Her auburn hair fell almost to her waist in a tumbled mass of crinkled waves. Like most of the Light, she was a pale beauty of Celtic descent.

She turned toward him, her fair face flushed, her leaf green eyes burning with anger. Her sleeveless, scoop-necked black silk shell caressed her generous breasts, except where she cradled the book with the Aegis medallion. The skirt clung to the curves that he already knew well.

She cleared her throat to interrupt his perusal and gestured toward the front of the shop. “Thank you for your assistance. The shop is closed for the day. I’ll see you out.”

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Tomorrow, A weekend pic.


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