The Aegis: Melinda’s Plight

Yesterday, we left my heroine in my Light Warrior vs Vampire paranormal romance, The Aegis, upended head first in a mysterious barrel. So let’s see where it goes.

Melinda shifted to tip the barrel over, lost her balance, and fell back to the bottom, wedging her shoulder against the side. Wincing with pain, she stretched to hook her legs over the rim, slipped, and landed hard with a nauseating thud.

Time to regroup. She took a deep breath, then exhaled forcefully. The deliverymen had braced the heavy barrel in a corner, even wedged blocks at the base to make it more stable. Her cell was charging on her dresser upstairs, the shop phone was in the showroom. Her only neighbor had closed his shop and left for home hours ago. She was stuck, head-down, legs waving in the air, with no prospect for rescue.

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Tomorrow, Damian to the Rescue,  Rita Bay

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